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You don't think that the majority of NFL athletes or pro athletes in general have never used a banned substance or performance enhancing drug. You must be really naive to believe that. I hate to be the one to tell you Santa never existed but it is just a fact of life. Steroids/HGH/performance enhancing drugs are ubiquitously used by professional athletes. So, no matter who you put on the cover of a EA sports game then you run into the same moral conflict. Whether they have tested positive or have always tested clean, the common denominator is that they are using them.


Thanks for the information Mike. We have been writing on steroids in the blog for several years now. It is shocking, yes shocking that you say athletes use PEDs or steroids, or HGH, or insulin, or modafinil, or T4. Shocking.

Now explain your logic that a priori anyone on the cover of a game is a PED abuser. Please.

Let's say Payton Manning is a cover boy. Then he is a steroid user, by your logic. Maybe Gale Sayers could be a cover guy. According to your criteria he was a HGH user.

You fail to distinguish the guilty from the suspected or the innocent. Sorry, that is patently illogical.

Signed - S. Claus.

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