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Well I tend to agree with Allen Berra on the A-Rod / Canseco thing, but even if the A-Rod stuff is true, it still doesn't change my perception of Boras. The guy's dirty, and ultimately, he takes up a lot of the dirty pie MLB's been serving their fans. Yes, the game's exciting and people are watching again, especially after that disastrous strike. But I also think it's telling that we're spending an exponential amount of money on tickets just to watch our favorite teams. The contracts are absolutely absurd, and Boras was able to take advantage of money-hungry owners and GMs who saw potential to make these kids into big-time stars.


wow, this is ridiculously irresponsible.

way to totally smear someone based on zero evidence.

Canseco never explicitly said A-Rod took steroids.

i am no A-Rod fan, but to drag A-Rod's name through the mud based on a very dubious connection (Boras and Jose Canseco) is inexcusable. A-Rod was hitting bombs when he was a skinny 21 year old and he is still hitting bombs now while being tested.


We considered the comments, then removed the reference to A-Rod. Probably isn't fair to anyone considering the Canseco statements were very very vague.


San Francisco Giants

A-Rod gets a bad rap most of the time. He's a great ball player, has some trouble speaking with the media some times, but still plays his heart out. There are a lot of similarities between A-Rod and Bonds. That's partly why Barry has been so respectful of him lately.

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