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Jose was right

Excellent investigative work. This web site is far ahead of the usual journalists and talking heads.


Great points. However I have a problem with your irresponsible use of the title "trainer" for Mihlfield. There is a stark difference between a certified athletic trainer dedicated to injury evaluation and guided rehabilitation techniques, vs. a strength coach (or personal trainer for that matter). Please don't lump us in with those that operate on a daily basis around the culture of being bigger, faster, stronger - and sometimes not satisfied with achieving this naturally.


Agreed, and a good point. Is Mihlfeld a trainer (certified) or a strength coach? We will have to check that out.

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I guess this goes to show that not everyone who used steroids put up massive numbers. Perhaps it ended prematurely the careers of some players. For one, I am glad the Royals ownership put a bit more money into the team. What a boon for their long enduring fans to see their beloved Royals in the playoffs, if they can.

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As someone who grew up one hour from KC it is so sad that this franchise has not experienced another playoff in what....over twenty years? Maybe I am wrong and it only seems that long.

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Why can't they just train to be as good as everyone else instead of popping pills? Get real!

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I've been one of your major follower this year... your brilliant and educative post really beats my imaginations each time drop by to read blogs... i say keep the good work

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Is Mihlfeld a trainer (certified) or a strength coach ?

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Not sure if it makes a lot of sense to me but it looks like you're having fun.

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