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This article lacks any form of common sense. "Steroids the new contraband"? look around!!! the whole country is facing an obestity crisis, I hate to be so blunt but I would say fast food is the new contraband.

The sad part is the DEA who has failed in its war on drugs for decades in now going after people who want to workout and look better. Thats who most steroid users are. People who hold a job and workout and eat healthy. What a shame!!!


Common sense?

Contraband means illegal. Food is not illegal. Thus food is not contraband.

Steroid users just want to look better, however illegal drug use.

We would say the lack of common sense isn't with our column, but with some of the things bodybuilder's do to look better.


Perhaps "Common Sense" was not a good term on my part. I simply used statistics. Most users of anabolic steroids are men ages 18-35, educated and hold jobs. Yes steroids are illegal without a presciption. As I said before. If you have the money you can go to an anti-aging clinic and get these drugs legally. The purpose is the same, to look and feel better.

The comment on food was just a reference to our nations obesity problem. As for the DEA. Our prisons are full of non-viloent drug offenders, mentally ill people and many others who dont need to be there. We have the largest prison population in the world. I dont think steroid users should be in prison. And with the rise in drug courts across this country I would say somebody is seeing this my way. I would support the DEA but after decades there methods have failed and countless funds have shown little progress in the war of drugs. Those funds would be better used for education and prevention. Including the use of steroids. Take care. Keith



If only the guys using the gear could do it naturally. I agree that they are doing the right thing in working out. I wish we could set the clock back 50 years, and promote the workouts without the gear.

You are dead on right about the national obesity problem. As a medical professional, it is discouraging to see the overweight population. It is so tough to eat healthy, at least for me here in the Midwest.

I also agree that the 'War on Drugs' didn't work. Many of the arrests are good PR for certain agencies.

I have thought long and hard about legalizing steroids and PEDs. I cannot support that because it would cause a nuclear weapons race of sorts with people using more drugs and greater doses.

Could a physician prescribe steroids to a bodybuilder legally? I have a post on that. It would be difficult, but the possibility might be entertained. Artificial enhancement is a horse out of the barn at this point. Might using a doctor's prescription obviate the dirty method these drugs are distributed? That's an argument that holds some merit.

Pro sports should try to be drug free, for several reasons: tradition, fairness, health, example.

Thanks for your response.


Your welcome! I enjoyed your points of view. I hope in time our nation can deal with the complicated issues of health care and substance use and or abuse. Best wishes.


Thanks Keith. You sure extend good humor in the debate. You're very welcome, and for th e first time ever, we even changed our comments to be less abrasive. We hate being LESS abrasive. :-)

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