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Joe Lombardo

I need accurate information, not company line stuff. I am using androgel - perscribed by a doctor but not covered by insurance. Only a small percentage of the testosterone is actually absorbed and/or used. I was told by a Phd I know that one can greatly increase the amount of testosterone that is absorbed and used by the body and therefore get by using less and making the therapy more economical if it is applied directly to the penis. He said there are many more testosterone receptors there. The instructions are to apply to abs, shoulders or upper arms with repeated warnings not to apply to the penis. I called the pharmicutical company and spoke to a pharmacist and ased why they warn not to apply to the penis. And all she said was that it was not studied and has alcohol and may irritate. She did not come up with any strong health related reasons. They chose the sites they did because they are typically covered by a shirt and minimize the risk of transfer. Also she commented that if used on the penis, and not thoroughly washed prior to intercourse, it could transfer.

Do you know if it is true that it is more effective and economical to apply to the penis?



Applying Androgel to the penis? Good lord, why would anyone tell you that?

I assume you are using Androgel for an approved indication.

The drug is absorbed by the venus system then redistributed to the body via the arterial system. Veins are all over the skin. Where are the most sensitive veins for absorption? I would suspect mucous veins, as in the mouth.

Why would anyone expect the penis to absorb more drug than any other skin? The drug isn't going to penetrate right to an organ.

Furthermore what androgen receptors does anyone want to stimulate in the penal skin? There are androgen receptors in the circulation of the penis, but is that what the androgel is targeted at? Is the problem impotency?

Use the drug as the manufacturer instructs patients. There is no secret here.

And pray you don't have prostate cancer, which will appreciate more testoserone....

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