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Whelp, guess Chipper was right after all.

widmarc clark

A-Rod now is a joke. He did it to himself. A-Rod just like Pete
Rose has no place in MLB HOF. A-Rod can answer his own question
as to why he thought he had to take drugs to improve his MLB
Thousands of MLB players in the past could not equal the talents of
A-Rod,he is a cut above in natural talent. He would have broken
many records ( without drugs to give him an extra edge). Now he is
just another run of the mill MLB player. To bad, To Bad. A-Rod
cannot expect to stand with ( willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams
Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson. Or MLB can throw
away the rule book and let any player do what ever they choose to
to do get a hit, bring a tree trunk to the plate, let pitchers
throw a spit ball or do anything on the mound that can strike out
a batter.
And put Pete Rose in the MLB HOF. Who cares what anyone does, let
baseball be the same as ( wrestling ) it's just a show and for fun
nothing matters as long as the fans are satisfied.

In this day and time morals don't seem to matter any more, so who
cares if players cheat, what difference does it make.

MLB has a choice to make, play by the rules, or make a joke out of
baseball. It's up to the owners, it's their decision. One thing
will change, the owners won't need to pay the players 260 million
dollars anymore, if everyone's cheating and there are no rules to
follow every tom, dick and harry can get in on the fun, since
talent won't be necessary.

Widmarc clark

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