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The Slav

Glad to see your starting to see things my way.


Excellent article!!!!! great to see discussion on non-steroid related and very serious health issues!!!!!.

Also in time I would like to hear your thoughts on hormone replacement therapy as well as use of testosterone to treat diabetes and other conditions. I have read articles by doctors who state that testosterone and other "Anabolics" have a place in many medical treatments, but they are encouraged to stay with the "Status Quo" on what to prescribe and not to focus much on preventative care. Thanks


Charles Slavik

I know, I read your blog on a regular basis and cite it on occasion. It's linked to my blog as a favorite.

Agree with you on the health care reform issue and the relative importance in the grander scheme of things.

You're right though that Barry does attract peoples undivided and passionate attention both on and off the field.


I gotta love The Slav. "seeing things my way". For the past 30 years I have been seeing things your way. :-) When did you become a restless malcontent?

thanks, man

Charles Slavik

"seeing things my way" regarding the one narrow issue.

I do believe I've always been somewhat of a restless malcontent, good term.

You put out a lot of good information, it's not a requirement that I (or anyone) see eye to eye on all the particulars, sometimes you have to be inspired and challenged to think.

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