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so where did this hooton kid get steroids from? How was he getting them from a doctor(?) WITHOUT the father knowing????
What kind of health insurance was this kid on?
I am tired of the father whining when he was NO WHERE when the kid was taking them. OK start bashing me more being insensive aka honest


From the Nation:

Hooton was apparently getting his juice from sellers on the street or at the local Y. It's pretty easy to get gear from gyms or on the street.

Hooton took anabolic steroids and clomid. He became depressed, possibly from steroid withdrawel.

Hooton's parent took the teenager to a psychiatrist who began treating him for depression. However after parental discipline (he stole a computer) he hung himself.


One would think that a police investigation would have uncovered the source of the steroids and they would be prosecuted.....but knowing the police they probably took it for themselves.....boy have i become cynical? or realistic?


From the Nation:

Funny comment, but true Fred. There are numerous cases of cops and firemen using 'roids.

We heard about one cop as the local supplier of 'roids at a gym.

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