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While I feel bad for Gatlin and love to think that everything he accomplished was clean and he never knowingly doped, for him to go to a coach with doping connections was naive at best. For him to then accept an unkown injection from Graham or an assistant is just stupid and Gatlin should be held responsible. I am a Gatlin fan, but would be disappointed in track and field if his suspension did not at least keep him away from one olympics.

He didn't know! He's young and dumb... Thus, we should forgive his ignorance this time!


i would like to believe him, but in a sport of trying to get rid of drug abuse, what use will bringing gatlin back do. i am shocked that athletes at first are given only a two year ban! a top sprinters career lasts around 15 years max, whats two years to that?


HAHAHA.. are we really supposed to believe this guy? What would you say if you were caught with steroids in your system? "It wasn't me! I didn't know what the shot going into my muscle had in it!" How many times have we heard that? Barry Bonds also did not know what the "cream" had in it... Why don't these babies take responsibilty and stop thinking people are so stupid to believe their lies.

Common sense- Justin Gatlin has failed a test in the past, meaning he has used steroids at least once... most likely more than once because he was only CAUGHT once. He gets caught again and faces a lifetime ban. Deny, deny, blame others! This is the way of the desperate man caught cheating.

Rod Staggs

I'm a big Justin Gatlin fan. I've known him since 2001. At that time he was denied international competition because hei was taking an ADD medication. He had been taking it since he was 6 years old. That violation should have been thrown out immediately,thus making the Kansas Relays drug test his first violation. I personally know how hurt and upset he was in 2001 when he was not allowed to make the USA national team on the UK Junior Tour.I absolutely do not believe he would knowingly take ANY banned substance. I do however believe that it's very possible that Trevor Graham slipped him something without his knowledge.Like in a water bottle at practice or someting of that nature.


Justin Gatlin just received an 8 year suspension-ie (lifetime). Shawn Merriman was suspended for 4 games, made the pro bowl,and currently has a Nike tv commercial. Something is really out of whack here!!!!!!


I agree with you Rod. Merrimen also ended superstar Priest Holmes career with a vicious hit. Think he might have been juiced then?

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