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All of this constant talk about steroids and other anabolic substances that are such a danger to our kids?????

I returned to college after a job loss and as a history and poltical science major I see this a little different. You should visit more schools. There is a epidemic of childhood obesity in this country. When I visit schools I dont see steroid supermen or women I see obese and overweight kids everywhere.

I also see a major rise in presciption drug use and abuse.(Painkillers for example) Funny how these drugs are made by many of the same companies that sponsor CNN and other mainstream media outlets. And these drugs are abused by athletes as well. Yet its always "Steroids" as the main bad guy.

Your articles are well written but perharps you should put your talents to investigating the real problem. Greed in our health care system, lack of medical insurance and preventative health care!!!!

Thanks, Keith


Thanks Keith

First, the focus of this blog is performance enhancing drugs. It does seem nutty to write on a daily basis about steroids. There are days when I am sick of it; if so I take the day off. I cannot change the focus right now.

However, I do agree with you about problems with obesity in the US population.

In real life, as a doctor, I see tons of rather large kids. There is no doubt with 33% of the population obese and 66% over-weight this condition is a major problem. Obesity is, as you say, more a threat than steroid use to public health. It is interesting that billions are spent on pro sports and not at all as much money spent on public recreation. We are turning into fans sitting on our big butts watching the rich athletes.

You are also correct about the problems with prescription drug use and abuse. My everyday life is all about prescription drug overuse (I have one uncompleted study looking at the increase in prescription psychotrophic drugs in children).

I also echo your comments about greed in the health care system, lack of health insurance, and poor practice of preventive health. Again, daily non-steroid rants here.

Recently I expressed my views to presidential candidates Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson. Although I saw John McCain, I didn't get the opportunity to address the issue with him.

I believe we should offer a public health care system (which we have in a fragmented way) with a private sector for those who opt out of a public system (similar to our educational system).

Recent data on infant mortality and life expectancy should shock someone into action. This seems to be a political problem, and not a public health problem.

I read Nick Johnson's blog on these issues, relevant to local and state concerns.

This blog is our *my* small contribution in addressing one public health problem that concerns the sports world. That keeps the issue somewhat fresh.

Blogging day after day on the health care mess (which we discuss daily ad infinitum at the University) would be depressing.

thanks again


Thank you for your response. I wish you all the best in your efforts to address the complex health issues facing our nation today!!! best wishes.


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