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"Because an anabolic-steroid abusing athlete or entertainer has screwed up his natural testosterone production is not a reason -- or excuse -- to prescribe high doses of testosterone."

This may be a stupid question, but what would have happened to Benoit if his natural testoterone production *was* screwed and testoterone hadn't been prescribed. That is, what consequences (if any) would it have had for him.


From The Nation:

That's a good question, and one I thought as I was composing this piece.

If a patient came in, he would not be complaining of 'low testosterone'.

Why would a doctor check T at age 40?

Perhaps problems like impotence, azospermia (low sperm) noted on an infertility work-up, or possible fatigue. There are just not that many reasons for a non-endocrinologist to measure T.

If the doctor knew the patient was a pro wrestler, then the logical thought would be 'steroids'.

Following this thought, the pro-wrestler patient might complain of one of the symptoms above, or he could ask his doctor to prescribe T and other anabolics for him.

Let's say the pro-wrestler patient complains of impotence. A physician should take a history (hopefully the patient is honest) of anabolic steroid use. The logical conclusion would be that an anabolic steroid caused the feedback loop to be screwed up as with birth control pills in females). However the treatment would be not to continue T, but to further investigate what is going on. (there is no guarantee that the patient doesn't have a tumor causing a problem). If indeed the abuse of anabolics caused low T, the treatment would be to stay the heck away from T, letting the system normalize.

If the pro wrestler wanted the doctor to prescribe legal T, as an anabolic, that would be unethical.

If the doctor diagnosed some bogus T deficiency, that too would be unethical.

Docs diagnose bogus T defiency will be censored by their professional societies, as well as stripped of their license to practice medicine (as with Michael Scally of Texas).

There was(is) a cottage industry of these bogus T deficiency syndromes, which unethical docs claims allows them to prescribe T.


Lets face it. There is a laundry list of anabolic drugs that are used by athletes. The media was sure Benoit was loaded up on them. He was not. Case in point. Even the most anti-steroid media forces now admit this was not a case of "Roid Rage" but a much more complicated case of marital problems and domestic violence and possibly mental illness.

If these issued were addressed with the passion in which the media is addressing steroids then maybe we can see progress for the victims of domestic violence who partners are not athletes or pro wrestlers.

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