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Let's just say I believe Franke, and Contador has an awful lot of asterisks next to his name, but . . .

Franke has actually been enjoined from speaking about the Ullrich doping case, because he let a few unsubstantiated accusations fly last year. He's obviously a smart guy, and competent, but he's got a bit of the Dick Pound quickdraw problem.


From The Nation:

Yeah, I wondered about Franke's trigger. Obviously he has earned respect, but he over-stated the case as 'the biggest swindle'.

I see the blog has changed colors. How did this happen? I was playing around with the colors at work, and suddenly boom!


Let's just let everyone and anyone dope/cheat at the Tour that way at least you know where you stand and it's still and amazing feat and race of endurance.


Werner Franke has always been spot on in his well-founded accusations. The injunction against him just prevented him from further speaking the truth. However, this is just temporary as his claims against Ullrich are turning out to be correct yet again.


Franke is not respected over here in Europe, he is a klovn who loves to peform on public tv. He just lost in court as well, for spreading lies.

"Operacion Puerto. Ullrich asked a German court to issue a temporary injunction against Franke in August 2006. Franke appealed, saying that he was expressing his right to freedom of speech. But the court ruled that he had violated Ullrich's rights, and upheld the gag order"


Ullrich commited perjury and paid 250.000€ so the suit was discontinued and Franke was told not to speak about it. So another suit take place about commiting perjury greetings from Marion Jones... still in progress. Werner Franke published the documents of the operation puerto in the internet... google is your friend. Sadly we can summ up, Werner Franke is correct again. He also discloses the racketeering in Freiburg...


I see the blog has changed colors. How did this happen? I was playing around with the colors at work, and suddenly boom!

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Werner Franke claimed that Ullrich spent 25.000€ on Doping Drugs. Ullrich sued him for that, and by the time of the trial Franke had evidence that Ullrich had spent WAY MORE, the hole thing cost Ullrich a lot of money and reputation, I guess...

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