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Big Show Baseball

Hopefully this will make people finally get off Barry Bonds back. The Bonds witch hunt has been ridiculous! Canseco is now pointing the finger at A-Rod. Canseco's finger has been right in the past, why not this time. Interestingly enough I've never heard of Canseco pointing his finger at Barry Bonds.


Well, why SHOULD Canseco point his finger at Barry Bonds? Seriously, what's "interesting enough" about it? There is absolutely nothing that Canseco can possibly say that "Game of Shadows" hasn't already made perfectly clear. No pun intended.

I'm very much looking forward to Canseco's next book. The guy is a rat, but so what.


I don't think Canseco was talking about steroids at all. Ofcourse he wants everyone to think he was talking about steroids. He refers to "other stuff", which I believe is more in terms of other discretions, such as his infedelity and not being as much of a nice guy as most people think he is.


I suspect you may be right.



Oh please, this is what kills this idiot Canseco. A-Rod was hitting 45-50 HR's a year before they tested for steroids and he is still hitting those HR's. Everyone else that got accused tailed off or is out of the game because steroids were a part of their lives. If A-Rod was on roids, why are his numbers the same when he is being tested all the time for steroids??? He'll accuse A-Rod with no proof at all and it will go nowhere.


I think Jose is pissed at A-Rod because A-Rod made a pass at Canseco's wife, or so he said.

Just another jealous husband.

Justin Daniels

Ever since I was a little kid I have loved baseball. My role models were Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Rafael Palmiero, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken, Rickey Henderson, Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, Roger Clemens and so many more great players from the 80s-late 90s. This steroid junk has got to stop for the sake of the game. I have lost respect for alot of players I admired growing up. Now you have Jose Canseco writing these books basically acting like a little kid bringing everyone down. Who is he to pass judgement on other players. MLB will in fact get steroid use under control for the sake of the game. If they do not the game will never be the same. Guys like Jose Canseco just need to let it go and let MLB handle the situation. Of all the players that have been involved the only one I still have respect for is Jason Giambi. He came out and said I am guilty, I made a mistake, forgive me and lets play ball! Cmon you babies, play ball!

Jon Hendle

The only reason he hasn't pointed at bonds is cuz hes not a yankee, think about it Chuck Knobloch, Clemmens, Palmero(No I) was a short time Texas Ranger Together, (only people hes played with) not necessarily because they injected each other but he can accuse those people because he knows that they have done something (personally seen it) A-Rod came to the yanks a year after he left, and since when does an ex-player get clearance to see someone inject themselves with anything or take pills. Canseco: 2 Words, Arrogant, Greedy


I don't know anhingabout Canseco BUT.. Rodriguez IS the BIGGER than BARRY BONDS


Canseco is just jealous, because A-rod is the best


Looks like Canseco was right about A-fraud!


Hes just tryin to sell more books...jose scumseco


Canseco is a snitch trying to drag down everyone esle because he wasn't as successful.


Looks like Canseco was right!
No further comment.


I have been working in the public sector now for over 35 years and in the current job I have if I were to test positive for an illegal substance I would be terminated. Why is it so different with professional sports? Greed, money and the lust for glory.

This is yet another indication that we live in country that no longer loves or understands the word truth.


Jose Canseco is a true american hero. In all aspects of work life including politics we are encouraged and somtimes required to report unethical conduct and behavior. Can a person commit a wrong and make it right? yes. That is what forgiveness is all about. However, No man places a lamp under his bed, rather he puts in in the middle of the room so all deeds can be brought in to the light.

What Canseco is doing displays courage in that it is better to stand alone and be right, than with the multitudes and be wrong.


canseco needs a life he is old and bored and remember canceco snitches get stichez.. in ur case i hope u choke on a chiken bone


A-Fraud will never be bigger than Barry Bonds. Bonds holds more recorda than AFraud has strikeouts in big games and that is a LOT of strikeouts from this big game choke artist. Bonds at 44 is better and more dangerous than AFraud at 24. All these hispanic players that used steroids would not even be in the league without steroids Palmeiro, Juan Gonzales- he completely disappeared after he stopped using roids, Pudge Rodriguez, Miguel Tejada, Jose Cansesco, Sammy Sosa, and AFraud. These guys could not even carry Bonds jock strap, would not even be in the country let alone the MLB league. This entire league is a fraud and they want to piss on Bonds because he would not kiss the media's ass. This is purely a bunch of Racist BS. All these latin and white players lied and got caught but nobody but bonds gets prosecuted. Bonds is the greatest player ever with and without roids

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Alex Rodriguez as a PED user? He certainly hints at it above, in his new book which will be "better than the first book by a mile" Or is Canseco simply pre-marketing his new book?

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