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frankie scofield

"If he be with you then who be against you...." My life time (30 years) good friend Troy Ellerman is A Born Again Christian, Family man and no one can take his Love , Joy and peace away from him so I wish the folks out to get Troy would just dry up and blow away...Jesus Wins guys haven't ya read the back of the Book, all of this is happening for a reason and its all part of Gods master plan... He who is without sin, cast the first stone.....The lord knows how many hairs are on our heads... and this too shall pass.... God Bless You Troy Ellerman, We love you and always will no matter what some, evil, deomonic minded people try to say or do to try to destroy you. You will rise again just like Jesus and Job did and I for one will be there to say. Well done my good and faithfull servant of Jesus.....A true friend is one of Gods Greatest gifts, I am blessed to be a friend of Troy Ellermans,

frankie scofield

Ha I am still praying for Troy as the Lord has blessed him and will continue to bless him... He has the most faithfull loving family supporting him and for that I am truly gratefull.... I am looking forward to the day that we all get to have one of those fam picnics again, and laugh and sing.... Praise the Lord for friends like Troy...a true friend is Gods Greatest Gift.....God Bless you one and all.... frankie ....

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