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He does not *hate* anybody? The guy thrives on hate.

David Moskovitz

Have you read the book yet?

One clarification, in point (3), six of Armstrong's samples from the 1999 Tour tested positive for r-EPO. The full story complicated, but quite damning.

From the Nation: I have not completed the book, but I have looked at the pictures. :-)

john s bicondova

Michele are you kidding me? The facts are there, it isn't just lance it is all of them. I don't know if you compete in endurance sports but it is a real problem.
Michele you need to read something other than the typical high profile magazines.


Although Mr Armstrong is linked to a number of noble causes (which Walsh openly admires), it is extremely hard to believe someone could win seven tours when so many of the competition were clearly (and have since admitted to being) 'juiced' - is he superhuman?

Based on all the information it is incredible that people are still blinkered by simple denials and other good deeds.

Andy Llewellyn

Lance , I am an ex international GB rider, I am 56 , I got seriously ill with two days to live, I survived, I read everyone of your books, they helped get be better, they got me back on the bike, I ride Lands End to John Ogroats (1000miles) in a week for cancer Research every year. I have just read David Walsh's latest Landis Armstrong book. I felt sick, whats going on. Tell me you are clean. I believe in you guy.
Andy Llewellyn Gloucester UK

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