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On the HBO concussion special, Nowinski admits he has white spots on his brain in MRI.
In his address to the MA brain injury meetings he states, "I got kicked in the chin" also on chronicle. One theory is, His repeated concussions from blows to the jaw have led to the white spots. Vasa spasms are commonly found in boxers, Andre Waters, soldiers and
are known precursors to Parkinson's, Alzheimers and brain decease.

Because of the similarity in chin strap design, Soldiers in Iraq with Multiple IED exposure are developing these Vasa spasms. Ted Johnson recently stated on WEEI in Boston, he does not have these white spots or Vasa spasms. He also said he wore the Maher mouth guard for all of his thirty concussion events. The question is, does this procedure protect against vasa spasms also.

Tufts is now forming a study to find out. Yet no contact from the NFL for funding, just a grant rejection letter from Gene Upshaw and others. Ira Casson, Vianno were all investigators on the Riddell revolution study program with Pellman. They are deliberately stonewalling the media, ESPN, HBO about what really happened and why
we no nothing more about preventing concussion than before the studies. No mention of Labyrinthine concussion or the Boxers "Glass Jaw". Even though its initial study confirmed 70% of concussions originated at the earhole down to the chin strap or TMJ. A study from 1934 on this area of the skull would lead one to the conclusion it should be protected, 2007 and they are still in the dark. I believe it was the basis for Stengers studies at Notre Dame in the 1960's.

Tufts is the pioneer of TMJ research and should be consulted on this. The NFL has a perfect opportunity to fund an independent study with them, yet we only get a stonewall and the silent treatment from Goodell and his people. One bright spot is the work of Mike Haynes. He has connected the mouth guard with the commissioner of the Arena football league. The owners, primarily NFL owners, have widely accepted the mouth guard and seem to be in the dark on the intricasies of the concussion committee's activities. It is Now the official mouth guard of the arena league and, at this point, won't be present at the Concussion summit in Chicago. Why?

Gene Sartin

I was recently diagnosed with brain atrophy and apparant CTE. I was told conditions like mine are not usually seen as advanced in men my age, I am 59.

Over the last year or so i have experienced dramatic altering in my outlook, demeanor, fatigue issues, as well as my memory functions.

I have suffered, as I count them, 7 concussions through the last 35 years, with each getting more difficult to recover from. The third one back, I was out on my feet for seven days and then, never have recalled all events of the impact. In the last year I experienced two of the seven concussions and at this juncture been told I probably have an increasingly short time to be reacting in a normalcy mode. I am now personally aware of the speed of the changes in myself.

I experienced all of my concussion trauma from sports activities, but not only football. The first was from an accidental fall as a pre teen, the next three from football, the next was baseball related, the next two from minor spills on motorcycles. In fact, my bell was also rang real well from a fall while snow skiing.

It is my feeling that the effects of concussions are very real and can be associated to many parts of an active life. I do recall the effects of each of my experiences bringing on a deeper level of damage and greater concern.
Now, the future light is dimming a bit, however.

Genetically, I am a part of a family where dementia, parkinsons, and alzheimers exist and now I wonder what the true cause of the genetic predisposition is about. Did the trauma come before the symptoms or vice versa?

eddie dozier

I have had 9 concussions 2 traumatic brain injurys, I was in a coma
and was fortunate to come back! After 2 years of rehab I feel at
57 that I am losing my grip! I am ashamed but who should I get help
from, Eddie

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