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Bob provides up to date scores and information as well as team products for your favorite MLB teams.

Clyde Kenneth Clark

When Bonds hit those 73 homers he drove in a mere 137 RBI's. Compare that to the 191 RBI's Hack Wilson had in 1930 with the Cubs, this was back when the Old Ball was still in use and 154 games were played. Think about it for a few beats....was Hack on some kind of dope?

Steroid Nation

Look at the progression of Hack Wilson's numbers. He produced the big season at age 30. Wilson's last big season was at age 32 (23,123, .297); after that we was gone. Wilson's big season was entirely consistent with his career.

Now consider Bonds's big season: At age 36 he blew away his HR production from 46 (age 28) to 73 (age 36). That's the point. The progression of the numbers is entirely inconsistent with his career. The point is not 191 RBIs.

It's a same that Bonds's mark, like East German track marks, will never be approached by a clean athlete.

dui attorney arizona

That's why these guys must be careful next time.

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