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"One of three things was different. The ball was different, the bat was different or the players were different.”

Well, it just so happens that there's fairly strong evidence that the first two are true. I know he's trying to imply the third by suggesting the improbability of the first two, but in this case, he actually manages to prove the opposite point: namely a LOT of things changed in the late 80's and early 90's (and he didn't even mention all the new ballparks), and to single out steroids as the sole cause of anything is a fool's errand..

The Nation responds: Remember we are looking at quotes from Ryan, and not the actual dialogue. I even saw differences in the quotes between the Dallas News and the AP. It was somewhat difficult to write up the story.

I suspect Ryan knows that there are many reasons behind the power surge including the factors you mentioned above.


Jay M

I find it tough to beleive that Ryan was NOT using steroids himself, hucking 90 plus at his age. Plenty of shoulder surgeries wit triumphant comebacks seem to endorse my thinking. I think the world of him as a pitcher, and as a slugger (hitting robin ventura on a mound rush....) haha.
He is my absolute favorite, but to eliminate him from any thoughts of steroid use just seems foolish to me.


I just saw a few video clips of him in 1989, and his musculature does look suspect (compared to what he looked like earlier in his career). Then again, it could've been the tight uniforms. But I don't know. I'd like to think not, but. ... Some good points, Jay.

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