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Mr. Rite

Let me toss in the name Brady Anderson to Mr. Mitchell...


someone answer me they take a few computers......there seems to be plenty of warning out there for all teams to 'wipe clean' all data....all this does it make baseball look clean because...look, they took are computers and found nothing.....

From The Nation: that seems to be weird. Were they looking for email discussing steroid use?

gene upshaw

It's a bit funny about Brady Anderson. His best friend on the Orioles?

Cal Ripken Jr.

I think The Nation recently covered a bit about Ripken saying he was very naive about steriod use, yet his best friend and the one player he played the most years alongside, Brady Anderson often is wispered about as a steriod user.

People like to point to Anderson's out of the blue 50 homer season as all the evidence they need. In Anderson's defense, since he never came close to that total again does that meant that it was a one year thing? I mean, since baseball had no testing why wouldn't he have kept on juicing and knocking the ball out of the park?

The Nation responds:
Anderson looked jacked that year. He went from a skinny guy to this photo model with huge pecs and legs. He did ads for EAS, who notoriously featured juicers like Romo.

Remember Ripken's comments about 'suspicious of guys who came back to spring training looking big'?

Jim Palmer seems to think Brady Anderson was juicing in 1996 when the sideburned one hit 50 home runs.

"I like Brady, and it doesn't mean he's a bad guy because he took steroids," Palmer said in the interview, which was taped Saturday. "But I'm sure he wanted to enhance his performance." (ESPN)

Anderson started pulling up lame alot. His frame prolly could not support the 35 pounds of muscle he put on.

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