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Bud White

LeMond is known for trying to 'trump' Lance. He will go to any means to try to climb on top of Lance. LeMond will use any means and any situation to look to be the hero and the true champion. Why does his face keep appearing in current cycling news. No one wants to see him or hear from him. LeMond is the symbol of a sulking 10-year old.

I guess to sum up my feelings about the words of Floyd 'the mechanic', I would ask Satan for advice before calling Lemond.


So we don't know that Landis told Geoghegan to threaten Lemond, or that Landis even know about the threat.

And we do have good reason to think that Lemond used the abuse story to try to pull a confession out of Landis.

I think it will be a relief when Landis loses and is kicked out, but I understand Landis. I don't understand Lemond. I am kind of sick at the idea that Lemond may have 'confessed' something himself with a goal of entrapping Landis.

I'm hanging up the phone the next time anyone names Greg calls me.

From the Nation: Speculation is rampant, even in our posts :-). However we really don't know the thoughts and motivations behind any of these characters.

It does appear that from our limited view of the cycling world Greg LeMond presided over the end of the 'clean era' of cycling. And it appears he throws all the winners from thence on into the 'doping' category. This seems similar to Hank Aaron's reign as home run king of the 'clean era' of baseball, and his attitude to the new king of the 'steroid era' Barry Bonds.

Big 11 Camp 10

You noobs. You still think Landus and Lance were not Dope heds?! maybe Thomas Fresshnik is the only guy who did not dope- and he only won after the dope hed who beat him got caught... Ha ha ur alll soo foolish if you are on the same team have the same docs and they use drugs - then you claim you did not know about and that u never used drugs will you bellive that... sooooo dum they all are crackheds... Drugs work they make you better and if you do not get a extra edge a weaker man will beat ur talent cuz hes got fresh blood or a bit more boom in his fat butt... I never was pro never dpoped but I know they are all crackheds... Lemond is c00l and I bet u are a hippie who dopes and is only a lame cat 1 ... get life Lemond may be one of the few champs that was a non dope head.. Umm Pedro and Migueil and COKE Hed Pantanni welll um yeah maybe they moght have just used a bit... Ha ha

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