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Tony Mandarich

hope the link above help direct you to where you want to go !

Tony :~)

he just admitted to steroids going to air on Inside the NFL.


Shocking development.


Your blog is partly wrong. Mandarich was not TRADED to the Colts. He was released from GB after his 4 year contract. He spent about 2 years getting sober and off steroids and then was a "walk on" for the Colts team. I'm a Packer fan, and we all have a lot of issues about Mandarich. Plus he has never gone back there and actually apologized to the fans, the team, the city. And it's not a "village."


tony manderich is a faggot loser who took steriods to become a hoss. but he really wasn't because he was a cheater and should be stripped of any athletic achievements he ever won.

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Had a very promising career, that's for sure.

MDC Packaging

Too bad for him, man...


If you really wanna know what happened to Tony Mandarich,just get the film from the 1987 game between Indiana vs. Michigan State, when an outside linebacker by the name of Van Waiters took it to Tony. Van Waiters was a 6'5" 235lb OLB who repeatedly drove Tony back into QB Dave Yaremas' face all day. I believe Tony was only 6'5" 265lbs. at the time, but Van was the player who MADE Tony what he became a year later. This guy was destroyed in that 1987 game, and I'd be willing to be he said to himself, "NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE DOMINATED LIKE THAT". The next year, Tony turned into a 6'5" 315lb freak of nature. He looked like a bodybuilder in a football uniform. He was incredible to watch on film, and a real scary site to perfectly honest. Thing is he was playing against kids in college who were good enough to start at that level. That's not to say these players that Tony destroyed with reckless abandon, weren't good football players, but when he got to the league and had to play against GROWN MEN such as Reggie White, he was soon brought back to 1987. You ask how I know all this? I played opposite Van Waiters in 1987, and witnessed it first hand, and in 1988, I had the good fortune of playing against him and seeing the transformation. Incredible bust? Maybe! But steriods have a way of making you believe you are better than you really are. The real Tony Mandarich (1987) was not a good football player, and that became evident when he got to the pros.

adam t

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