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Are there any steroids involved with this investigation?

It seems to me that it is all HGH (although, I'm very likely wrong about that).

However, if it is all about HGH or at least mostly about HGH, I find it funny that the mainstream media, especially ESPN, keep referring to this as a new Steroid scandal. the title of every artcial you read and the introduction to every piece done on Sportscenter all use the word Steroids.

I wonder why they do this?

From the Nation:
We do the same thing, call everything 'steroids' which they all are not. By the time things are done, sports fans will know more about anabolic drugs than doctors.

Kurt Angle appears to be the guy who mail-ordered 'roids.

HGH is undetectable at this point, which gives it an advantage. However HGH may not be good for strength.

From Steroid Nation:

We agree. It's all about steroids, when it isn't. We suspect that there were both substances involved, but more HGH. The pro leagues test for roids, but not for HGH; thus it is the logical mass drug of choice.

Why does everyone use 'Steroids' rather than HGH? 'Steroid's must have more impact.

Also note that an athlete will often deny saying 'I never used steroids' which is correct if he used HGH.

The Nation replies:

It sure looked like this was only going to be HGH. However today David Bell was listed as a HCG user (see our post) and a swimmer was named as an anabolic steroid client.


Thank you very much for all your replies.

I'm a huge baseball fan so I often get sensitive to that fact that baseball is usually dragged through the mud when it comes to PED talk (not saying they don't deserve it) compared to other major sport, mainly the NFL.

Anyhoo, I'm learning so much from reading your site.

Thanks again.

The Nation replies:

For some reason, the NFL is teflon with regard to anabolics.

Looks like MLB is in for some more trouble at this point...


all these performance enhacing drugs make me sick.
tim montgomery marion jones got found out because the world is involved in athletics, toney holyfield jones all kinda get a pass makes you wonder if there has ever been a clean superstar in the u.s.a since the 80's!
focused sound and sinister mind, hard work and training talent and skill only way to be undisputed champ....or get pumped with drugs




If you want to be truthful and accurate when throwing around accusations of "steroid" use we need to know that neither testosterone or Human Growth Hormone are steroids. Anabolic steroids are syntheric replacements for testosterone not testosterone. Human Growth Hormone is a separate hormone altogether. If you ask someone who has taken testosterone and/or HGH if they have taken steroids and they say no if all they have taken is testosterone and HGH then they are not lying. If they took synthetics like dianabol or anadrol and said no then they would be lying. Also, all "steroids" are illegal in the USA. Testosterone and HGH can be prescribed by any physician. If someone really is suffering from "hypogonadsim or lowered HGH levels" it really shouldn't be anyone's business but the patient and the doctor because these are medications that are prescribed.

Invertir en oro

hello, i would like to read more information about this topic because i think that is very interesting.

Arslaan Malik

The main thing to ask is wether these HGH or whatever that Hollifield has been taking is illegal or not.
If its legal than how come other fighters did not take them.
In any case Hollifield gained an unfair advantage over his opponents by taking whatever he has been taking wether they are classed as steroids is really irrelavant.
And if Holifield has been getting the dugs under another name is a sure proof that he has something to hide and that he is a cheat and that he would not have won those fights against top fighters like Mike Tyson and others.
I hope the truth and nothing but the thuth and the whole truth comes out very soon.
Shame on you Mr. Holifield you are a real disgrace to boxing. How on earth can you convince yourself that you did really win those fights because really you didn't.
How can you live with yourself.Looks like you don't have much of a conscience and you seriously lack principles.

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