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trust but verify

Wow, that's coverage! Thanks a lot, this was a lot of effort to do.

much appreciated.


James - thanks. Truth be told it wasn;t as hard as you would think. You tube is very easy to use. I guess that why it went from an idea for a $1.65 billion copyright violating machine in less than two years.


Greatly appreciated. I can't remember everything so it was wonderful for even those of us who were there to review. BTW, I found the coverage byt the Trib and Sun Times to be remarkable anemic and unenlightening.

James ....


I'm not so forgiving of the press. Their lazy, they don't want to do any heavy lifting and looking at, and understanding, Baker's facts is too hard. Maybe Baker has some things wrong, but has he been challenged by anyone? No, this requires time and background and the only person that seems to have bother isn't even a sports reporter (Michael Hiltzik).

Over on Rant's blog he noted the Chicago press was hitting FL with hard questions. I noted their are no hard questions for FL. It is what it is. Their are, however, very hard questions for Arnie Baker. He's the one that should be put the meat grinder by the press. It is his arguments that are going to drive this case. Yet, from the impression I get, he's a spectator in all these grillings. The press is too stupid to know they don't know.

So, it is easier to ask FL about the "emotions" surrounding the first 72 hours. It easier to not know what to do and ask random people in the crowd about their "feelings" as if that matters.

Lastly, I think their is a group think at play too. Is easier to assume he's guilty and they writing about a "stunning reversal of events" should the hearing go FL's way. If they actually show some sympathy for FL before his hearing, and he is found guilty, then they THINK they are encouraging doping. It's all so screwed up.

Daniel M


Excellent coverage. Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together.

- Rant

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