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great blog, i had no idea about this!

Jeffery Dach MD

Anna Nicole Smith was low thyroid according to her autopsy report. She was also reportedly taking HGH.

The Dr. Andrew Weil the Debunker article in the June AARP Magazine gives the mistaken impression there is only one single medical publication (Rudman NEJM 1990) which reports the beneficial effects of growth hormone on the physical parameters of aging.

In reality there has been over 20 years of research with thousands of medical studies showing benefits from Growth Hormone therapy, and extremely high safety profile.

Growth Hormone is a patented FDA approved pharmaceutical with proven efficacy, and therefore Dr. Weil's "snake oil" label for growth hormone is hardly appropriate.

Benefits of (HGH) growth hormone include improved body composition, increased muscle and less body fat, improved bone density, improved wound healing, improved cognitive function, and improved sense of well being. Burn victims heal faster with growth hormone and have increased muscle protein synthesis. Patients with Crohn's disease and short bowel syndrome show improved nutritional status with HGH treatment. Cardiac cachexia patients gain weight, get well and leave the hospital. Hip fracture patiens heal with fewer complications.

The AARP Dr. Andrew Weil "the Debunker" article fails to tell us that our hormone levels decline dramatically after age 50, and
by the age of 60 most adults have Growth Hormone levels indistinguishable from those of hypopituitary patients with organic lesions in the pituitary gland.

For more info and references, see Dr. Andrew Weil Says Human Growth Hormone is "Snake Oil"

Jeffrey Dach MD

From the Nation: The anti-HGH folks overstate their case. However using HGH appears to be tricky as an anabolic. There are details we won't go into here.

I would also say that the side effects are worst than you state. In the case of some ill patients (burn) the side effects could be tolerated. As an anabolic, HGH produces dangerous side effects including cardiac hypertrophy.

BTW, aging is not a HGH deficiency disease, contrary to anti-aging clinics.

Viagra Online

That human growth hormone can be pretty dangerous without prescription.

Grow Taller

In today’s professional ranks, growth hormone use is very prevalent. All of the major names breaking 250 pounds in contest shape are using it. Men stand onstage a full 20 pounds bigger than they were just a decade or two ago. Growth hormone has ushered in the era of “mass at all costs”, which means guys are bigger, but not necessarily better.

Buy Viagra

Hello, That human growth hormone can be pretty dangerous without prescription.

Plastic surgery Beverly Hills

Thanks for the information. Now people should know the effects of this drugs if taken. Now I know which should not be taken.

Fatty Liver Diet

Everyone always wants to improve themselves, but are the risks and consequences really worth it? I wish people could learn to love themselves for who they are and not try to be artificial and risk death.


Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

I am going to start using Human Growth Hormone on my own/privately and
I would like to know all the accurate information about the available
types of Growth Hormone to use, the benefits/risks and the proper
dosing/administration practices....... Basically I need to know
anything/everything about HGH use...


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