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Eh, I don't see how USADA is trying to wait Floyd out. If anyone's bleeding him of money it's Howard Jacobs and crew. USADA's goal is to have the hearing four months after the B sample positive (see USADA's "Annex F Time Line"). In my interview with Travis Tygart, he states the aim is to get the athlete back competing as soon as possible. It's also plausible that Floyd's hip surgery would have kept him from competing any time soon anyway.

Remember, all the info you are going on comes from Floyd's PR campaign. It's telling that Floyd's people were so public about the process last fall but have clammed up recently. Makes you think they are working the process for their own reasons, and keeping the developments private for their reasons as well.

Personally, I think the delay is a function of the bureaucracy his defense team has become.


If you can recall the Tyler Hamilton Hearing and Appeal it dragged on for months. Hamilton was complaining about the delay. When the facts emerged after the Appeal award it was Hamilton (and no doubt Howard Jacobs)who were solely responsible for both long delays.
A lawyer would love a public subscribed defense fund. Hamilton had one and Landis is building his fund. Delays mean more justification to hit the fund with lawyer's bills.
Landis now claims his lawyer's bills are running at $10,000 per month. Say, at $500 per hour that is 200 hours of chargeable time per month or 50 hours per week. Believable?


Errata: $10,000 per month should be $100,000 per month


Unlikely that every one of Landis's lawyers gets $500/hour. He's paying for Jacobs, the new criminal guy, associates, paralegals, staff support, etc. 200-300 hrs per month amongst all of these folks for what amounts to a scorched-earth binding arbitration hearing is perfectly within the realm of possibility.

Interesting that Floyd's defense is entirely within the Code and the International Standard (TD2004EAAS) though. Still a tough fight to overcome a rebuttable presumption in an arbitration hearing, but more realistic than the Tyler challenge-the-test defense.

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