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I don't know what to say over this, but I couldn't believe it when i heard it.

I suppose in the end I feel sad for him, that the only way he can regain his life, is to make Rocky 6, and then to take drugs to achieve it. He must have been desperate to make this film to validate his life.

In the final analysis, i suppose there are no more hero's left.

Just people who are desperate enough to do whatever it takes.

I don't think Stallone can EVER recover from this event, in someways it's ruined him, as you can hear from the fans.

He should remember one thing, all glory is fleeting.

And what remains is the memory of another desperate druggie.


Give me a break. What is the difference when stars with plastic boobs. hair plugs, face lifts, and him taking HGH? Not a thing. Arnold has been taking them since he was 16. Who cares. I think HGH should be use by all men over the age of 55. It will enhance and give them a better quality of life in thier later years. The health risks of HGH on seniors is up for debate and in your later years who cares and it is none of our business.

From the Nation:
Of course all the 'stars' are fake. However, in Stallone's case he illegally brought HGH into Australia.

Further, the side effects of HGH are not pretty. HGH causes significant cardiac (heart disease). There is a health care crisis and it is going to get worse. Frankly HGH for anyone over 55 is dangerous and expensive. I don't want my health insurance increasing based on someone else's narcissism.

That's the deal with all the folk who say 'my body my choice'. They should pay COMPLETELY for their heart attack or their cardiac bypass and don't expect me to help.

Furthermore, where is the intellectual honesty in all this fake stuff??


Yes Insurance companies have the right to not cover
health problems related to HGH. But HGH is not a health care problem to our country and culture. If you really cared about health care you would call the site transfat nation or obese nation...The next fat person you see treat him like a steriod user and arrest him if he takes twinkies into your country and tell him to go to hell if he needs medical attention. Diet is the main problem in heath care not steriods. Health risks on seniors using steriods pure foolishness. Using transfats on seniors is a true risk and cost facing our people.
When insurance companies and health care programs stop covering self induced health problems concider your diet to be included because its the main cost in health care.

From the Nation:
First our purpose is not to go on a crusade for health care. We also are not enticed or drawn in to arguments about the legalization of 'roids or HGH. Both clearly cause health problems, no question. Any argument otherwise is specious.

BTW, diet, while a significant problem, is not the most significant problem in health care.


I take that as a no comment from THE NATION.


If you had to go work for $40,000 a year or take HGH or testostrone injections to make millions to support your family what will you do? Think about it. If Sly doesn't take juise, 300 people on the set won't make money to feed thier families. WAKE UP STERIOD NATION!

The Nation replies:

Wake up to what? Illogical thinking? There is no correlation between Stallone using HGH and his success at making relatively mundane movies. If he wants to have a 60 year old face with a 30 year body, using illegal drugs, I don't care if he makes 15 million, it's entirely superficial.

Stallone could produce the same movie (it must have taken all of 20 minutes to write the script) without the drugs. Sure he might have been scrawnier, but the same movie nonetheless. Further, I am not sure those ugly varicose veins really helped seel movie tickets.

Is money the end? Where are the ethics? Where is the intellectual honesty? Do ethics and legal considerations cease to exist if someone can make some money?


Wow. This is a really dumb website that I just stumbled upon. I would like for "Steroid Nation" to please direct me to a study which shows HGH (which is produced by the pituitary gland naturally) causes severe heart problems. HGH starts to decrease in the body around age 20 and by the time you're Sly's age very little is secreted anymore. HGH has been proven to have many benefits a few risks, if any. And as far as the veins in his chest go, he tore his pec years ago and that is why those veins show. People were amazed at his condition in Rocky Balboa, so you guys are idiots to think the movie would have been as good had he been out of shape. And regardless rather or not he did take HGH to help his muscle growth, do you guys really think he could have acheieved his conditioning without alot of hard work? Be honest with yourselves people. HGH and steroids are NOT the same thing.


Throw us a softball to hit.

You want a study showing side effects of HGH? Do your own research, but check these references out:

Those are the tip of the iceberg.

"Few side effects'. That comment is blatantly ridiculous. It is because of crap propagated like the comment above that people think they can take HGH without consequence. That is dishonest and immoral.

As far a Stallone looking good for a movie, we could care less. It's all fake anyway. What a dishonest society, and a dishonest actor for taking illegal drugs so he can look better up on the screen. How superficial.

Seems to us 'idiot' describes people who think they can take HGH without side effects. Just wait until heart failure, or cancer happens (look that up)


Listening to some of you is hilarious. he is taking human growth hormone, big deal. even if he was taking the most powerful steriod know to man you think he would get in shape if he didn't bust his ass in the gym. Its not as if you take this magic pill or needle or whatever and your in shape you good work for it.

It's much more unhealthy to smoke and eat fastfood than take HGH and exercise. What is this whole nonsense about this being immoral? Illegal perhaps, but who decides what is immoral. Get off your high soap box and get real.

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