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Where is the mainstream media you ask? Why isn't it obvious that PED's only exist in Major League Baseball?

James said .....

Good point!


I can't believe you swallow Landis' crap whole via the TBV blog. That's like getting the scoop on what's happening in Iraq from Dick Cheney. Floyd is grasping at straws. He will be found guilty, lose his appeal, and get kicked out of bike racing. He's a creep for begging for money to finance his lie.

James said ....

Ok, what part of his case aren't you buying?


Let me ask you, have you actually taken a critical look at the Landis defense or are you comfortable with getting your information only from Floyd?

He failed tests on two samples by two methods. Each sample was tested by different people on different equipment. His samples were given, surprise!, after his miraculous comeback. All his people can come up with is a slide show that misrepresents his results and misrepresents the research that went into determining that his results were positive.

If you think the thing is going to get dropped you are crazy as TBV. His flimsy claims of lab manuals and incorrect pressures are going to get swatted like flies by the experts. I've looked at the data and the control samples that were run with his samples look fine. He has the same lawyer that Tyler Hamilton had and he is pushing the same weak crap. He'll get one vote at his hearing because he chose the same fool that voted for Tyler at his hearing.

I like how the Steroid Nation blog comes down hard on all the dopers except for Landis. Very consistent of you. Dopers suck.

James said ....

Much of what you said here was factually incorrect. We can show this as the Lab documentation is available.

But instead of re-hashing the science of this case, let me ask these two questions:

1) Why are so sure that the pressures and the lack of documentation to run the tests was not a problem? I don't know either way. And, to be fair, Landis has not said it should invalidate his test. He's just asking the question. Remember his biggest argument is his test was not positive. Show the same results to the UCLA lab and they would said it was not a positive test. He has a slide in his presentation of another test (not his) conducted by the UCLA lab which has nearly identical numbers and UCLA said it was not positive.

2) Do you believe it is possible that a lab can make mistakes?

3) If yes, what should happen to the lab?

I'm as hard on dopers as everyone else. You dope, you fry. In fact, I believe that most doping penalities don't go far enough. For instance, why no penalities for sponsors, teams or other members of the team?

If I were baseball commissioner, I woul impose a two year ban on any doper, a forefiet, or million dollar fine on the team AND a penalty on EVERY player on that team (say a $10,000 fine). I would ban his agent from baseball for 1 year, ban his trainers for MLB parks for one year. This way, you make the culture totally unacceptable to dope.

However, before we start handing out doping penalties, due process has to be observed. The process has to be fair. I would argue that most that have looked at this process agree it leaves something to be desired. Certainly WADA thinks so, which is why they are making numerous proposals to their rules.


What have I presented that's not factually correct?

The pressures and the lab manual are subservient to the control samples. If the control samples are OK, the data is OK.

Floyd says that his sample is not positive by the carbon isotope ratio MS determination. He says the UCLA lab backs that up. Whoops, the main isotope ratio he is positive for is not addressed by UCLA. Check it out for yourself. He says a tangential sample number being crossed out incorrectly equals sloppy lab work. He picks a single result from many duplicates and says it shows his testosterone level was inconsistent. He incorrectly says that scientists who only validated the results handled the

He can shout all day about lab mistakes but I don't see them. And I spend my days as a senior GCMS chemist. All he's doing is blowing smoke. It's sad that you are inhaling it. He defrauded bike racing when he won the Tour De France and he's still defrauding people with his shameless plea for cash. Dopers suck.

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