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The truth is that every competitive athlete in any endurance sport or any sport which requires physical strength like weightlifting etc is on steroids.Anyone out there who thinks that drug testing is 100% sucessful at catching drug cheats is only fooling himself.Steroid labs are a high tech industry.These guys are so far ahead that we can only dream of catching the dopers.And mind you,this thing has been going on since eternity.Does michael phelps use steroids?You bet.Some would say that he is built to succeed.There is no doubt that his body is an advantage,but to train for the hours he does,at the intensity that he does and at the level he does,day after day,will break down a clean human being in a couple of weeks.It can almost kill a person if he is that intense for that amount of time without steroids.If you think he's not built like a steroid user like ben johnson...dont forget the tragedies of Petr korda (tennis player) and John McEnroe.Could anyone even imagine at that time that these guys were on steroids??
The truth will ultimately come out.


McEnroe admitted to use of corticosteroids (prednisone). I'm sure you're aware that is not the same as the anabolics that people commonly refer to as "steroids". As I learned recently, WADA doesn't prohibit the use of corticosteroids outside of competition.

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