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Daniel M

Very interesting commentary by Jacobs. I was all set to reply to Ferren's comments (and suggest that not all is as Tygart would have us believe). Jacobs illustrates that point very well.

- Rant


We still don't know why it took so long to choose the arbitrators. We do know that Floyd stated on November 24th that the three arbitrators had been selected. Unfortunately, Mr Jacobs has given us no new information regarding the impaneling delay. I do understand where he is coming from forecasting further delay, his side now has to petition the panel for more documentation.

The comment regarding Floyd's hip was made to prove a point. The information we are getting is all coming from one side, and seems to be selective. Any idle speculation regarding intent is just that. In furthering that point, I wasn't accusing Mr. Jacobs of intentionally milking Floyd of money. I was merely stating that if USADA is accused of bureaucratic malfeasance I think taking a skeptical look at the inertia of Floyd's organization is a fairly obvious thing to do.

Finally, as I've stated before, I'm not interested in being an apologist for USADA. However, I do think they are in a "damned if they do, damned if they don't" situation. They are expected to stay mum on the situation and absorb heavy criticism, and they do (although in the interview Tygart did do a little snarking). Time and time again we've seen Floyd's team eager to comment publicly, to shape the debate, and to directly respond to criticism. If we are not getting the whole picture I think it's prudent to take the PR with a grain of salt.



I understand the position that USADA is in. Normally I would agree with you. However, I completely disagree with who is shaping the PR debate. It is being shaped by the media leak of his a-sample a few days after the tour ended. This case will always be about that incident.

As a result of the leak, Floyd was put in an impossible position to defend something he did not understand and became a laughingstock for his excuse d' jour.

Recall what he said about this experience on November 21:

I can't answer those questions because I've never been through anything even remotely like this before. However, I can point out that you are overlooking the height of the stakes in this game. The winner gets nothing and the loser loses everything. In that context do you think that overlooking any advantage and being nice will increase the odds of the other side playing fair. THIS IS A WAR my friend. Everything has been taken away from me, my lifelong dream, my job, the respect of my peers and the rest of the world for that matter, any chance of recovering some sort of normal life, and my father in law and best friend is DEAD. No problem, I'm a reasonable guy, I'll tell them that a few small mistakes which had little effect on my life can be overlooked and I'm sure that they will admit that the science cannot demonstrate with any kind of certainty that I used testosterone. That sounds likely.


Right or wrong, he thinks this episode contributed to suicide of his best friend and father-in-law David Witt's six weeks after the tour ended.

In Floyd's world WADA/USADA/UCI/ASO/AFLD/LNDD/IOC (m-o-u-s-e) are all the same thing. They are all the alphabet soup that passed judgment on him about something he supposedly did before he could pronounce epitestosterone.

They violated their own protocols with this media leak. As a results Floyd has had to endure the wrath of Dick Pound insults (“Floyd has enough testosterone in his system to violate every virgin within a 100 miles.”) and the ASO does not consider him the tour winner. Given this how can it be Floyd that is waging a PR campaign? If you’re scoring PR campaigns, Floyd is losing this campaign badly. It is his reputation that is mud, not the alphabet soup.

Now we're suppose to feel sorry that Tygart has to hold his tongue? Yes, being USADA general counsel is a tough job, and no doubt the same can be said of all prosecutions. But Floyd did not start the public campaign; the alphabet soup did with the media leak.

So, if Tygart feels he has it tough, my advice to him is to get Pound (WADA chief), McQuaid (UCI Chief) Bordry (head of the AFLD) and/or Lamour (head of the French Sports Ministry and heir apparent to Pound) on the phone and rip them a new one every day for leaking his results.

It was the leak more than anything else that determined the complexion of this case. To say it’s all about Landis’ PR campaign is not true; he has permanently been put in the position of responding to the leak. The leak was so damaging that the sum total of his PR campaign cannot begin to counter-act it.

I'm not naive, Landis could be committing one of the most elaborate hoaxes with this defense. We will find out when the hearing is held and the arbitrators rule and the appeals are subsequently settled.

Until then, Landis PR campaign is useful in that the alphabet soup is paying a high price and they will think twice about leaking again.



I agree with everything you said except your last sentence.

All you have to do is look at what Perero just went through and you will see they have not learned ANYTHING.

Has anyone been sanctioned for the leaks? NO. If there is no punishment for the unethical behavior that LNDD and the rest of the alphabet soup participates in, it is likely no lesson will ever be learned.

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