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gene upsahw

MLBPA accepted WADA testing for the WBC. I don't recall hearing the names of any players who tested positive (there may have been some).

Do you think these players were clean?


Do you think that these players were getting around the WADA testing? What percentage?

gene upsahw

so do you really believe in that 1%?

I mean, I know you don't believe in figures for any of the other sports, but do you for the NFL?


Those are good questions.

I don't think WADA testing is perfect nor magic. In fact it sounds like a pain sometimes.

Yet WADA has developed a better protocol than the pro leagues, and should be looked at. Upshaw isn't just rejecting WADA, he is rejecting the idea of HGH testing. That is unwise.

1% of the NFL is laughable level. 1% are caught.

The players are simply using undetectable drugs like HGH, insulin, IGF, and probably cheque drops. The Carolina Panthers, and Ross Grimsley hint at this.
Yeah, I don't recall anyone in the WBC testing positive.

gene upsahw

thank you very much for your replies.

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