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If their was a test for HGH, would it be sophisticated enough to tell the difference between rBGH and rHGH?

In other words, assume WADA had a test for HGH, and used their typical very low thresholds for a positive test. Would you risk a positive test by drinking lattes at Starbucks a few hours before you pee into a cup?


I believe there is a developing test for rHGH. Although the amino acid sequences in HGH and rHGH are identical, there are differences in amino acid residues.

In terms of this post, almost all rBGH would be digested in the gut; thus it is not absorbed. Further rBGH is supposedly inactive in humans.

However, there seems to be some stimulation of IGF-1 in the cow. Both that IGF-1 and the rBGH can be transmitted in milk. Again the accepted thought is rBGH is digested, but that IGF-1 may be absorbed. Some people feel there may be adverse effects from these 'foreign' proteins.

Even if rBGH is absorbed in huamns, there should be very little -- if any -- noise from rBGH in a coffee drinker, if a test for rHGH comes out of WADA and the labs. The amino acid sequences between rBGH and HGH (or rHGH) are different.

mike z

I use the Dr. Max Powers HGH Spray - It works perfectly - just a warning that it takes about 5-7 days to really feel the effects (with the best effects coming on at about the 3 week and beyond). I found that the product works wonders with only 2 sprays twice per day (morning and evening) on a 12 week cycle (1-2 weeks off after this to allow your body to rebound and rest a little) - but your mileage may vary. ;o)

Personally, I do very intense weight training 3 times per week (Chest/Biceps, Back/Triceps, Legs/Shoulders - combined with cardio) and this has helped immensely in gaining strength in both concentric and eccentric lifts, over muscle growth (hypertrophy), and fast loss (works wonders for this). It also has many other good effects like increased vitality, increased skin elasticity and "glow", increased mental concentration, increased sex drive, etc. etc. - all the things we associate with "Youth". Basically, this product as close to real prescribed hGH that you can buy without a prescription.

I have tried other HGH sprays - not crazy about them, but i recommend the Dr. Max Powers . . you can find them at

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