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Be sure to read this

especially the second half


Good pickup on that new story in the NY Times.

I am in the middle of reading Dick Pound's book The Inside Dope.

This is tough field. We all know bureaucracies like WADA find and punish false positives.

We also know there is alot of doping going on. An alert person hears more every day.

I see they quoted John Hoberman. Have you read any of his books? If you have, I will be interested in your reaction.



I have not read Hoberman book's but might after seeing his thoughts in this article.

Question for you, where are we going with drugs?

Here is something I scribbled on a message board, love to hear your thoughts.


This country has hundreds of 13:30 to 14:30 5k runners. Thousands if you include everyone on the planet. Most of them do NOT get paid to run. They are the winners of most of the competitive 5k across the country. Some of them are going to take these new PEDs that the DoD is working on. And given the tremendous performance boost they give, they are going to start winning local turket trots in near world-record time!

Further, the Chicago, and NYC marathons will have a couple of dozen runners with 5-digit bibs trying to outsptint the best elite athletes in the world for the win (these 5-digit bib runners will be 2:20 to 2:30 marathoners that currently do not get paid to compete).

You cannot drug test 40,000 runners in the Chicago marathon. It would take months to complete. Further, if you asked $500/$600 for the entrance fee (to cover the cost fo the drug test) these events will not have 40,000 runners. They will have a few hundred runners as that is all I think will be interested in paying that much to run. No organizer is going to require this and they don't have to.

Only drug test the winner? Sure, but what if the winner with a 5-digit bib says no? You can deny him the prize money and the win. But unless you drug test everyone, you cannot deny him entry. Then we'll have a race where the "winner" is the fourth or fifth person to cross the line with a bib number under 100 and does agree to and pass a drug test. What a joke if this happens. Think about the current riducle the Tdf is getting because the guy that crossed the finish line second might be declared the winner.

If this drugs become reality, and turn this sport on its head (along with many others), people will be laughing at distance running as a sport. Even more will start to view it as too many do right now - not as a sport but merely as excercise and nothing more.

What I'm driving at is if science is truly on the verge of making these kinds of advances, we really have to a discsussion of what a PED is and what should be allowed. I know the instinct is to say "ban it." But what happens when we do and "average people" in every town accross the world give world class performances? Why would I pay or care about the elites we talk about on this board if I can walk to my nearby park and see the same thing at the next local 5k?


My thought? I'm with Hoberman, the Universty of Texas prof quoted above that says we might have to have two levels of competition, drug-free and drug-allowed.

And, here is where I think most on this board will disagree with me, the drug-allowed will be the more popular. People pay lip service to have drug free sports but, in the end, they want to see their team win or records broken. This is more important to them that the "spirit of the sport."


I would be careful about the 2 tiers of sport. You would have 'drug-free' and 'drugged'. In other words 'freak show' v. 'natural'.

Like WWF wrestling the drugged sports would need more and greater drugs to better the next guy. What are the implications:

1. Arms race for drugs.
2. Escalation of the number of deaths (much more impressive that the deaths from cycling). Look at the 'last cycle' of Andreas Munzer; frightening list of deadly drugs
3. All the baggage that goes with drugging -- refer to WWF drug busts, deaths, conspiracy, etc.
4. Likely more publicity would surround the 'superman' drug sports, thus mandating the best athletes use dangerous drugs.

It is sexy to think of regulated drugged athletes. Given human propensity to cheat, it would lead to monstrous situations.

Right now, these athletes flirt with death. The average college running back might be doing HGH, insulin, short acting androgen, and a masking agent. Don't think these guys know how to beat the testing. Now think of the possibilities of a cheater to beat a 'regulated drug league'.

The official sanctioning of 'drugged athletes' is one huge slippery slope that would be fatal to sport.

The race scenario you mention is absolutely possible. I have seen coaches cheat 10 year-old kids out of medals (and feel justified). So cheating appears to be human nature.

The door is opened to drug-cheating. To control massive drug use, I would suggest developing bio-profiles. The winners and random athletes at large events would be spot tested.

That is an unsavory prospect, but the drug-cheats, and the silence that surrounds them are to be blamed.

As in marriage, people would be tested. Like venereal disease, the disease of drug-cheating demands it.

Smart people complain about authoritarian abuse and prosecution. Has the war on drugs eliminated street drug use? Has heavy Govt prosecution eliminated business corruption? No.

However, look to your right , now look to your left. Either yourself, or one of the fellows you just looked at would cheat to win a competition.

The authorities get blamed for the heavy handed rules. However, it is the sleazy cheaters whose actions generated inequity that sport now has to go the forensic route.


Went to bosco i knw guys ( i wont mention they are division 1 football players as well) who lifted with cushing and worked out with him at..(wont name facility) they have personally told me he did 2 cycles of steroids throughout his senior year


Went to bosco i knw guys ( i wont mention they are division 1 football players as well) who lifted with cushing and worked out with him at..(wont name facility) they have personally told me he did 2 cycles of steroids throughout his senior year


Went to bosco i knw guys ( i wont mention they are division 1 football players as well) who lifted with cushing and worked out with him at..(wont name facility) they have personally told me he did 2 cycles of steroids throughout his senior year


dont trust a kid from bosco to tell u about a bergen kid. thats the #1 rule of life.


then how about a non bias st. joes football player, and the facility is called DeFranco's. I'm originally from montvale, and played little league football with Brian as well. he played rb in little league and by the time we had reached hs, he came in around 165 lbs. u tell me how anyone puts on 60 lbs (being conservative now) of muscle in hs, and then tell me how someone beefs to 250 for college ball. i can personally account for many hs football players even in the DeFranco's program today who are juicing and or doping. and those two cycles are winstrol and deca durabolin

Cushing took a cycle of HGH

Cushing took a cycle of HGH


in his defense...

I was 6'0" 170 pounds on 1/1/93...

I was then 6'1" 197 pounds on 9/1/93...

and I was single percent body fat easily both times...

and I used no roids or anything...

so numbers don't help...

only people who saw him put steroids in his body can say he did it


JT, you arent defending him, youre bragging on yourself... Also, at any point during those 9 months did you ever puff up and grow breasts? Another point, were you just starting out weight training at this point? Cushing was a highly trained athlete who had years of weight training under his belt. You dont just grow breasts at age 19 because of pubertal onset gyno... But youre story is nice i suppose


It's possible. I deployed to Iraq for 1 year at 175lbs and a 34inch waist. I came back 190lbs and a 31 inch waist. I didn't even drink a protein shake, I just ate clean and worked out.


I wish sometimes, there was a way to read all the new posts instead of jumping between stories. Good comments.

hs sophmore

cushing's body build looks a lot like mine he has a lil extra fat nt man boobs from roids i was 6'3 185 and boosted up to 6'4 218 and didnt gain much fat at all and i did that from november of last ear to febuary of this year no roids no proti shakes just eatin weight traing class and basketball

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