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just found your blog, I realize this is a question for a different topic.

Are you of the opinion that the NFL obvioulsy houses the greatest number and percentage of PED users of the "major" sports in America?

and at the same time nobody seems to care?

just curious.


The NFL quotes the number of PED users as 1%. In other words more high school girls use anabolic steroids than NFL players.

If you look at past posts here, you will note the premature deaths of the Pittsburgh Steelers. That should concern people. The Steelers have been felt to be among early roid users.

The American pro leagues have avoided WADA protocols like they have avoided Ricky Williams in a comeback. Although WADA isn't perfect, it would be interesting to see testing like WADAs in American pro sports.


Give me a break.

-WADA meeting minutes are made public.
-The test research is published in quality peer reviewed journals.
-There is no reason for ISO 17025 accredited labs to make SOP's publicly available. These are generated from the publicly available research.
-Unified standards for false positives is impossible for such varied testing.
-Flexible sanctioning was tried for many decades. It didn't work. That's why mandatory sanctions were imposed.
-Unequal jeopardy. This doesn't concern WADA. The national and international ADAs are aligned.
-AAFs and arbitration results are made public. Read the Landaluze decision.
-The PT samples are prepared and shipped by an outside vendor. Is Baker implying there is a WADA conspiracy to subvert the PT testing program? Why even spend the money implementing the program?
-A hallmark of WADA is the sharing of information between labs. Allowing scientists to be hostile witnesses would undermine this.
-Oversight? Maybe Baker hasn't read any of WADA's independent observer reports.

The bar code tracking and maybe the positivity criteria (provided the different methods used to test for the same substance) are a good idea.

The rest is just smoke blown by a desperate defense team.


"The NFL quotes the number of PED users as 1%. In other words more high school girls use anabolic steroids than NFL players."

And you believe that load of crap?


Short answer: NO!

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