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Charles Slavik

It's a strange comment coming from one affiliated with a state HS athletic association. Sounds more like a comment that would come from another department within the school system.

From a civil liberties standpoint, I could make an argument. Given that many, if not a majority of steorid use in high schools is by non-athletes, to single them out EXCLUSIVELY would seem to be an ineeficient way to tackle the problem. Why not randomly test ALL-STUDENTS? Because they know that will never fly. Athletes have to agree or they won't be allowed to participate.

What are you going to do about the senior who wants to look good at the beach? Just many use to look good for aesthetic rasons as athletic reasons.


A good point on civil liberties. I may have been harsh on this guy. As many kids with the 'Adonis Complex' use steroids, as do athletes.

However, one might ask 'Is a high school concerned with steroid use in the 'average' student.

Yes, a high school should be concerned with substance abuse. However, I would not argue that testing of random students is either effective, or moral.

On the other hand, participation in athletics is a privilege. As an extracurricular activity, the is 'voluntary' the school/conference/state can require more from an athlete than a non-athlete.

Athletes are required to maintain higher grades, get fitted for a mouth guard, and maintain a higher level of physician/PT/trainer contact.

There are many problems here:
1. The inherent cheating by use of steroids, which is the Nation' major concern.
2. Drug abuse in general.
3. How to deal with the above, while not reverting to Draconian measures.

Good comments!

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