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Sean LeBlanc

I've been saying for years that what we really ought to do is to take seriously testing POLICE OFFICERS for doping.

Testing politicians would be the icing on the cake, though.


Since I follow the internet stories on steroid busts, you are correct. Recently there have been officers busted in a number of state.

I have a friend who is a narcotics agent. He would agree with what you allude to - a significant problem there.

An interesting story is here (with links provided) which is a case of an officer who was killed, tested positive for an anabolic. The case is being made that he was too aggressive, thus the accused felt threatened to defend himself. Harrison Pope is a witness for the defense, so it should be interesting.

Ron Pulliam

Listen everyone we must take this steroid problem seriously. Remember several years ago when an athlete left a party with a snoot full, drove his car into the water and left a young lady(not his wife) to drown? Oh wait,it was a politician not an athlete,got my stories mixed up. Sorry. Well come to think of it, maybe we should be testing these arrogant,self-righteous boobs for something much more harmful than steroids, namely; a total lack of intelligence!!!


We can test for intelligence too; I will get the neuropsychologists on it pronto.

The more I think about this, the more it does make sense. If our Govt wants to pontificate, and to legislate, them they should urinate (into a testing cup).

Does that mean Steroid Nation is tested too?


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