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Really nice blog, you're cool,guy!
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Can I traduce some of your post (about bodybuilding), to post them on my blog if I think they're interesting for my readers??


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The comment made here about the San Diego Chagers ever handing out steriods, and Shawn Merriman specifically are untrue.
Nandrolone is not a complex compound, it is produced naturally in each of our bodies.
Eating beef and exercise cause positive results for Nandrolone.
I am amazed at how many take the time to slander, but fail to do their homework.
In the future it would be nice if you backed up your bold statements with fact, instead of fiction.


You have been reading too much Wiki, or listening to feeble excuses put together by athletes.

While trace amounts of nandrolone may be metabolized in the body, and while there may be some contamination in food and supplements with 17 nor-steroids, by far the greatest cause of nandrolone in the urine is doping. Period.

Deca itself is not orally active. Thus a 17 nor-steroid would have to be ingested in HUGE amounts in my view to show up positive. This has been recently discussed in the literature:
(a good place to start).

They doped.



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Can I traduce some of your post (about bodybuilding), to post them on my blog if I think they're interesting for my readers??

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