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I don't think that the punishment matches the "crime". If the team doctor knew that thomas has astma then he should have percribed thomas a different medicine. The amount that thomas was taking is a normal dosage NOT overdosing. you can't just develope astma overnite. If the league knew that thomas had astma then they should have never picked him up!!!


I am reviewing the information that has been public, and especially at ESPN:

1. The story is all mixed up. According to that story, Hollis was suspended for 2 steroids in an inhaler.

2. This doesn't add up. The article names a steroid, which is used for effect against inflammation.

3. The article also names a beta agonist (beta-andrenergic receptro agonist).

4. Neither of those drugs would give a positive test; both would be allowed if prescribed by his doctor.

(The ESPN article get very tongue-tied and mistakes facts).

5. According to NOLA,

homas was positive for clenbuterol, a notorious body building drug. Although it is a beta-agonist, it seem to have anabolic properties.

6. Further, the drug is illegal. Not only is it on the banned list of substances, it is illegal in the country. NOLA says it was prescribed. That has to be wrong.

I will keep looking, but essentially Thomas tested positive for a banned illegal drug.


Clen has been used for years to increase speed.


Clen has been used for years to increase speed.


Clen has been used for years to increase speed.

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