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Minor point of correction - Klinefelter Syndrome is caused by extra X chromosomes (XXY), not extra Y's, and the people with it look male, not female.

People with extra Y chromosomes (XYY) look like normal males.


Yes, I caught my typo on Klinefelter where I had 'XYY'. Klinefelter is XXY, as I corrected. Generally Klinefelter persons are raised as males, however some are quite feminine in body, and could possibly be raised as female

The XYY or XYYY super-males are not Klinefelter as you say. (there was some thought these males were more aggressive).



AM a student seeking biotechnology, in vellore institue o technology , and i did my project at osmania university ,its hostipal for genetics ,from there i came to know about this disease ,also i met the patients an talked with and this topic is am going to present in my seminar .Really i want to know more about this ,GENETIC DISORDER also wants to do research work on this , is there any work presently going , do i have any oppurunity to do. Am waiting for ur favourable responce

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