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Daniel M


Interesting article in the Daily Peloton. Hadn't seen that review before. You're right, of course, that pro cyclists need to do something in order to help change outsiders opinions of our sport.

I've got a copy of Skibby's book. It will be interesting to see how accurately this review (and others that I've read) portray Skibby's story.

- Rant


I guess I now have to read the book. I received a copy of Dick Pond's book for Xmas from my daughter, who kept the Skibby book will come later.




No one doubts that cycling has a big problem and it needs change/reform. But, how much can it do alone? Doesn't it need wada to change/reform? Dick pound said the system is fine, maybe only requiring a few minor tweaks.

So, what can cycling do without wada? I'm thinking not much.

Daniel M

By the way, you're tagged.

- Rant

Daniel M


I hope you read Danish, because the English language version isn't out yet. ;-)

- Rant


I will have to brush up on my Danish. I like the cheese ones, and sometimes even the fruit ones. I need to lose 20 pounds in 2 days (when I go on a short vacation) so I am not into Danish much this week.


I thought about this alot, at least on the drive into 'work' today. [big sigh].

Doping is cheating. There are probably several ways to deal with cheating. Let me give one way, and I do not have the details or implications worked out.

I have seen cheating. I hate cheaters. I experienced cheating in medicine, research and in sports. The bigger the name, the more some want to cheat.

There is one way to deal with cheaters - crush them.

I am going to quote John Kay and Steppenwolf (ha) from 'The Pusher'

"Well, now if I were the president of this land
You know, I'd declare total war on The Pusher man
I'd cut him if he stands, and I'd shoot him if he'd run
Yes I'd kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun"

That is what it would take to root out cheating. A strong leader, and a strong policy. If that happens, there will be false positives thrown out with true positives (doping tests). Hurting some innocents (as noted in a post in 'The Nation' today) would occur.

If the cheating athletes, and the cheating coaches were crushed so hard and so fast, and without mercy, cheating would be limited to the truly psychotic psychopaths.

The answer lies somewhere in the between 'anything goes' and 'crush without mercy'. That is the dialog that must be executed (so to speak).

Daniel M


Agreed. There needs to be a middle ground, where cheaters proven to be guilty are dealt with, while still providing a process to allow accused cheaters to proved their innocence (or not).

That's why I rant on and on, (hopefully not) ad nauseum.

- Rant

Daniel M

By the way, I'm partial to the Cinnamon Danish at Mickey D's. :-)

- Rant

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