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This is a dumb dumb column. This person obvious knows nothing about the body and how much of a difference specialization centers help. The science of building muscles naturally is constantly improving. I have known Vernon for years and he is blessed athletically, he has always been big, strong, and fast. So this guy means to say, better equipment nutrition and a more stringent workout regiment would have no effect on muscles... please. Get you coach potato but off of the coach workout and when your done do some research.

From the Nation: I was wondering if you could point us at some scientific references about the 'science o-f specialization centers'? Perhaps you have a book on exercise physiology?

Further, why does it have to end with an insult? Is that your style of exchanging information?


I can type on this side kick. What I wanted to say is get your couch potato butt off of the couch and workout and when you're done do some research.

The Nation responds: thanks for the insults. That's adds credibility to your response.


Why is it so hard to beleive that Vernon Davis or anybody can be that "perfect". In this world there are a lot of top athletes...Vernon is one of them. They are just special people.


as a junior in high school vernon was 215lb and ran a 4.4 at the university of md. football camp, i was there.......juiced, yeah right...

Bud Bo

Yeah vitamins & minerals do alot more for the human body than you could imagine. Vernon Davis is a rare physical specimen. He is a mighty hard worker in the weight room.


you just proved how little you know about human physiology, weight training, etc... Davis was doing absolute freakish physical feats in high school and college, and he came from a poor background so i doubt he or those around him could have given him the AS as you believe so that we would become "juiced". some people have more affinity towards athleticism and through proper training and diet can truly become freakish NATURAL specimens.

UM fan

Yeah there are just some natural freaks out there, for example Shawn Merriman.

i think some of the comments made are a little suspect, even though i'm not convinced that davis is a steriod user. 215 - 260 in 4 years is tough, and to get faster that's rediculous. and to give out the example of shawn merriman, i hope that was a sarcastic comment. but i definately agree with what was said about specialization training centers. not only are the guys there working out harder then they probably ever have before but also they rep out 225 nearly everyday. i work with a trainer who has trained some of these guys and if you want to get better at lifting 225 try this
225 max reps
25 push ups
225 max reps
25 push ups
185 max reps
25 push ups
185 max reps
25 push ups
135 max reps
25 push ups
95 max reps
25 push ups
looks simple but it's tough




Ok all you idiots, Vernon is a nice guy definitely not juiced ( as you say) just a combination of first his African heritage, second Vernons workout program is like a military training. He is anal about his workout! He gave me some amazing workout tips just to flatten my stomach and it worked! The guys a powerhouse!! I love him too, he'a a fun loveable guy! So take your smut comments somewhere else!!!


the article is offensive and unfounded. Davis has never tested positive for anything. But its true that his size, speed, and strenth haven't led to receptions. He's an awful blocker but has unbelievable hands, when he keeps his eyes on the ball.


knew alot of collegiate football players in college and most juiced/used steriods during the off season

the african heritage and the human breeding comments make me suspect to some serious racism from these commentators lets face it that stuff ended about 120 years before he was born and definately before you or i were

just because you dont test positive doesent mean he didnt use, come on you know its true, watch the program; furthermore shawn merriman and he were very close friends who went to UMD connect the dots here

ps steriod users can be friendly so as for being lovable and all that bs come on, also just bc he is from a poor family doesent mean he couldent get afford or take steriods (the ghetto is notorious for drugs more expensive than steroids ie:heroin)

time will tell lets see if he has serious liver and or kidney problems in the future


one thing i did forget to mention is that there are so many things out there that come close to but arent actually steiroids so its a very fine line between legal and illegal so much so that i think they should be allowed lets face it, and i will venture to be so bold as to say, most players probably take the juice or something realy close so what the heck and if thats the path people chose to follow with there life (which many do) why not let them just dont complain when you have serious medical trouble later on

and one last thing the way this stuff is tested for is a blood comparison of testosterone to epitestosterone so in order to counter(pass a test) they need to have a ratio of at most 4:1 testosterone to epitestosterone (a naturally occouring biproduct) this was at one time accepted at 6:1 so all you have to do to beat the test is inject 25% eppitestosterone to level out this common form of cheating if you want to check my sources here is where this info is from


i'm 26 yrs old and at 185lbs i can deadlift 500lbs bench 365 and ran the 40 in 4.9 sec. granted i'm no NFL athlete and have nowhere near the training that he has but for me only being a 185lb guy??? That can easily show a guy his size could do his workouts with no juice!!! modern medicine and sports train/technology changes everyday!!!


I am 23 and can bench press 225 for 36 reps and I am all natural. Its all about putting in work.


Brad113... youre an idiot. I dont understand why anytime an athletes' potential PED use is talked about some knucklehead gym rat comes and says "oh well im 185 lbs and i can bench press 225 30 times and blah blah blah"

Congrats buddy you run a 4.9 40, you know who else does? 14 year olds and Neal Rackers... Just cause you lift within a couple hundred lbs of the guy doesnt mean jack.
Im not even really mad at you but jeez look at every lifting video of a pro athlete on youtube, some goon has to compare his e-stats to said pro and hope everyone thinks hes cool.


I can definitely see it, but i hesitate to flat out call him a steroid user without a positive.

However, one point to consider is that drug testing methods are ALWAYS behind methods aiming to beat the test for the simple fact that drug-test methods adapt to practices currently being used(i.e. previous use of exogenous epitestosterone to mask abnormally high T/E levels). Sometimes the test can not even detect the drug (i.e. the designer steroid THG).

Being a former division I athlete and now someone studying the use of PEDs in sports, it's disappointing to me that most people have no idea about actual realities of athletes using steroids. The numbers are incredibly high (just listen to or read one of Dr. Charles Yesalis' many publications). Sport as we know it has been dirty since almost its beginning, with athletes in ancient Greece know to abuse hallucinogens prior to competition and Roman gladiators know to abuse stimulants.

Does Vernon Davis juice? Who knows? ainly worth speculation.. But remember the saying: if it looks like duck, sounds like a duck, and moves like a duck...then it probably is a duck.

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