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It might be rare that NBA players are getting caught, but I suspect the NBA has a serious steroid problem.


Please - just be logical. The NBA in the pre-steroid era featured extremely tall, rail-thin athletes. Then, with the infusion of money and PEDS, the players, who go through bicycle-racing levels of muscle stress and exertion every game, became ripped and massive - Alonzo Mourning, David Robinson, Karl Malone, Charles Oakley, now Blake Griffin. I claim no insider status, I have no investment in any of this, but I think the NBA is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to hide IPEDs, and that includes the owners, the sainted Steve Nash, the writers.
"Tennis roids" should be made ATP commissioner.

tennis roids

Thanks MJ (I assume you aren't THAT MJ).


I claim no insider status, I have no investment in any of this, but I think the NBA is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to hide IPEDs, and that includes the owners, the sainted Steve Nash, the writers.

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Too bad for Lewis, It could cause his team for positioning in the playoffs if the team did not do well in the first ten games that Lewis is suspended..

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I'm a huge fan of Orlando Magic and we still confident that they win this season.

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I love NFL rather than NBA.

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Why does he take it?????

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Zack "Sports Nut" Nutter

I am so glad he is off our team, we way over paid for a streak shooter.

terimoore's Journal

mon commentaire ont été mangés. Quoi qu'il en soit, je voulais dire que c'est agréable de savoir que quelqu'un d'autre a également mentionné ce que j'ai eu du mal à trouver la même information ailleurs

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This guy just committed a little mistake he is an honest player. I heard all his interviews.

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i would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

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This just sounds a little too weird. For starters, one does not "accidentally" take steroids. Either he does or he is the most woefully uncareful and clumsy oaf in the history of being a human being. And to just suddenly happen out of the blue? Maybe he was curious, or maybe he just overshot what he's been doing. At this rate, who knows, but mark my words, foul play has it's hands in everything.

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I have never read such a wonderful article and I am coming back tomorrow to continue reading.


This is long passed but the suspended were well within the NBA policies

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Beautiful!!! You truly have an eye for colour.


I really like Orlando. Well did they use steroids?

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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

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