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tennis roids

How is a sprinter going to gain much from a high altitude training device? This is suspicious on many levels.


Ooops! Tennis Roids, here you need to do your research and to think, I moved to a low elevation from a Rocky Mountain state before I was into fitness so much.

But that's exactly what it is about, boost one's red cell counts and by being in a higher elevation, you can do that, something like this, I don't know the exact science.

And this mimics the effects of EPO: exactly and blood doping...and that's what it's all about.

For example, google search Paula Radcliffe, one of, if not the best woman's marathoners ever, she comes from Great Britain to train in the Rocky Mountain City of Albuquerque ( see makes mention of this), Kenyans go to Boulder and Albuquerque too, though I'm not sure why the Kenyans do it because Kenya has high elevations too I'd think, Mount Kilamanjaro and that stuff.

All that red cell counts, your lungs breathing the high mountain air and it's effect on the hearts, yes, this can be of importance.

Even in Dean Karnazes' Ultramarathon Man book, he talks of how he ran in an Ultra race, they'd run up the mountain and he says he was told from a veteran runner, to keep on running, don't stop to try and regain your breath because of the way the high elevation is, you won't catch your breath, keep going and go down hill.

Okay, I wrote a mini-essay but that gets you started on what this is about. Hyperbolic Chambers, not sure what that is, but I know there are "altitude tents."


Note to above: The Kenyans may train over here however, because they run in Marathons like the one in Boston.


Sorry if this is a duplicate post: Adding a note in:

Kenyans may train in some mountainous areas of the USA because they run Marathons in the USA like the one in Boston.

A tainted doctor such as Victor Conte is is reason enough to be wary of such an association with an athlete.

tennis roids

Chambers is a sprinter. More red blood cells are not going to help him. Sprinters don't need to pace themselves. It helps long distance running, because it increases the oxygen return. This appears to be a front for whatever he and Conte really have cooked up.


Maybe I'm the one without my thinking cap on.

All I can say, is a lot of sprinters have tested for drug use but I don't know the ins and outs but it does appear that I was talking of endurance enhancing drugs rather than what would be needed for shorter track runs. We'll see.



Marion Jones, Sprinter, EPO.

All I see is that that is what she has or alleged to have used but again, I don't know the intricacies of the matter. You may be way ahead of me on this but I did have to add that in.

tennis roids

A valid point about Marion Jones. Maybe it would help her with her workouts, I'm not really sure, but I can't imagine a sprinter would gain much from EPO. Then again, I didn't think a tour cyclist would gain much from steroids and was proven wrong on that point.

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