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Jon Stone

Kittle is right about complexion being a sign/symptom. The skin can take on a redish or purpleish tint. In the old days we called juicers "Purple People Eaters".

So let's see if we can get ownership, management, coaches, media and medical staff to recoginze the tell tale signs listed below when a professional is using. Also, parents, teachers and school administrators need to be on the lookout for some of the symptoms when kids are involved.

- Redish or purpleish does not look like a tan or sunburn.
- Recently overdeveloped body parts...coathanger shoulders.
- Acne on the back and shoulders.
- Substantial mass & weight gains without adding body fat.
- Distended (bloated), but muscular abdominal wall...HGH use.
- Braces on older professional athletes...HGH use.

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