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sal m

if my memory serves me correct, bishop was also a regular on the world's strongest man contests back when CBS and brent musburger broadcast them.


I don't think it's healthy for anyone to weigh over 300 pounds- imagine the stress on the heart, etc. Sure, steroids probably played a part in all this, but I'll bet you'll see a lot of premature deaths among US football players, too, now that so many of them are in the 300 plus pound range.

Steroid Nation

There would be very few medical deaths where one factor and one factor only contributed to the result. Sure humans over 300 pounds would show more morbidity and mortality. However, the use of steroids (which as we said would increase weight, increase cholesterol, increase BP, lower HDL, increase LDL, increase glucose intolerance, etc) clearly, clearly, would be a major factor in the result. Thats the way biology rolls.

Quinn Magnuson

Wow...I just heard about this and I dont think, after reading all of the comments on here, that I can compare my story to thaose of you who knew Bish even better than I. I was a young HS shotput prodigy that had a lot of raw talent, but not much work ethic. I had thrown 15.90m (50ft??) as a HS freshman (12lb) and was introduced to Bishop as he was hired by the Saskatchewan TF Assoc in 1987. I had never heard of him and was scared to death of this "man" (mountain?) that wanted to coach me fulltime. Nevertheless I trusted the STFA and began training with Bishop in the Winter of 1987. He was a miracle worker... In 3 short months, I went frfom throwing 15.86m with the 4k SP to 16m with the 12lb HS shot. My bench was 170 for 8 in December and 250 for 6 by July. But stats were not all. My confidence levels for a big awkward (out of shape :)....) young man soared as Bishop not only taught me the ways of the circle but the lessons in life. I credit BD for making me who I am today. Confident, cocky at times (just like Bish but with respect), and willing to help others as he helped me. Our relationship took us (and me ) to two World Junior CHampionships (88 and 90) where I placed respectably in SP (12th in 1990 - 16.73m).

There is something that has been mentioned in a lot ofo these comments but I want to make perfectly clear. Despite the fact that BD was invovled with steroids in the 70s and early 80s, HE NEVER EVER brought the subject up with me or any other thrower in our group other than to say they were wrong. He grew up as an athlete in a time where steroids were accepted practice and he was part of the rule not the exception. He became the sacrificial lamb at the Dubin Inquiry and people (some friends) turned on him. That was sad.

Bishop, as I know your reading a lot of these, while downing a few "beverages", understand that I never doubted you and missed you terribly when you had to leave Saskatchewan because of all the "bad press".

He was a coach, mentor, father figure, gentle giant and best of all, a friend.

My prayers are with Anna and I look forward to the day I leave this world and can have another meal and a drink and a laugh with my friend, Bish.

Salut and God Bless

Quinn Magnuson

Paul Ke

I just wanted to add to the comments listed. Bishop was gentle giant in all that he did. I never trained with Bish and only knew Bish through my wife. We spent many a nights sharing dreams and aspirations long before his competition days were over back in the mid 1990s.

Thanks for the many great memories Bish! We will miss you and hope for the best in your after life travels! Look down on us with kindness!





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the comments listed. Bishop was gentle giant in all that he did. I never trained with Bish and only knew Bish through my wife. We spent many a nights sharing dreams and aspirations long before his competition days were over back in the mid 1990s.

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