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Steroid Nation

Why are you guys such haters? You hate the medical profession. Sure, if lawyers were using stimulants, it would be OK, but because you are jealous of doctors you try to bring them down.

Matt Foreman

I rather have a doctor operate on me at their best and if they need to take something to do that then they should be allowed. Provigil is listed as a treatment for shift work sleep disorder i.e.DOCTORS. As a former user (Legal prescription) it's amazing how it allows you to keep your wits about you after staying awake for 24+ hours.


People of all walks of life ahve and will use steroids! It's our choice to be healthy! With physician aided use there are virtually zero side effects. Cigarettes and alchohol are sold over th ecounter for god sakes and steroids are illegal?
Since just a teen I always fantasized about having the perfect physique. First started training hard at 18 I was a skrawny 6'0 tall 150lbs. I tried everything to get big and put on muscle ; creatine , muscle shakes , perfect workout routines and eating up to 8 times a day! Over 2 years of this with minimal results, I put on a measley 5lbs of muscle. I was fed up. When I turned 20 I took this fantasy/obsession to another level. I purchased my first 3 month cycle of steroids. My choice of drugs was Deca Durabolin , Sustanon and dianabol. I ran 300 mg of deca per week, 400 mg of testosterone (sustanon) per week and 20mg of dianabol tabs per day. First couple days in the gym I was a bit skeptical not feeling much. By the 3rd day I started feeling this insane amount of energy and incredibly huge apetite. Was doing chest that day I remember the most insane pump of my life. My chest and arms felt like the grew over an inch in 3 days and I was putting up 4-5 more reps on every exercise. From then on out I was putting on nearly 5lbs a week of lean mass. I would look in the mirror after a workout and coudlnt believe it was me. I was buffed to say the least. At the end of the 3 months I put on about 30lbs of lean muscle 4 inches on my arms and chest. My bench went from 200lbs to well over 325lbs for reps. In my particular case I had zero side efects and kept over 90% of the muscle after getting off the juice. I am now 27 years old and since have done about 1 cycle per year and am healthy as a horse.
I learned everything I ever neede d to know about steroids from . Even got my stuff from them very friendly people that answer even the dumbest questions.

I want to adress some of the moral issues surrounding steroid use and how the media portrays steroids and users. Steroids are not illegal. In fact thousands of people in the US have legal perscirtions for steroids. These prescirptions are not just limited to the sick. You can legitimatley use steroids for muscle growth if you feel your body lacks it. Muscle is a key ingredient being healthy many people just lack a high enough level of testosterone to build this muscle. No one should be deprived of testosterone and being healthy. Moraly you would say it is illegal and that god would not approve. Well what about people who use insulin because they are diabetic or people who take anti depressents for mental issues. Are these drugs immoral? Physician assited use of steroids is not only 100% legal it is 100% safe and side effect free. It is all this bad portrail of steroids in teh media that makes people turn to the black market to get steroids. Now you have all these un educated kids jabing un sterile needles into their butts having no understanding of any steroid protocal; cycle conditioning,dosage, injection procedure, tapering,post cycle recovery the list goes on. Stop detering steroid use, EDUCATE!!! Over 50% of athletes be it highschool, college, amature, pro have used steroids at one time in their life. I was forced to turn to black market teachers. I happen to find good help and but I was lucky. take away what you will from this. Just tyring to shed some light on the subject and have people openly talk about it rather the to keep sweeping it under the rug.


Can the media please stop bashing steroids. You even realize what steroids are, it's medicine! Just like people can legally use viagra to get a hard #$% you should be able to use steroids to gain lean muscle mass. It's our bodies if I want to go pump 2000 of Sustanon , 1000mg of decadrabolin and 100mg of dianabol a day let me! Life is not fair learn to adapt. Funny how much negative attention steroids get. Then you have products like cigarettes killing thousands of people per year. You know how many people died of steroids last year?
None! I have ben using steroids off and on for 10 years never had any side effects , I look amazing 6'0 220lbs 6% bodyfat. If anyone is interested in more information on steroids and good sources check this site out its where I go.
theres also


Louis Vuitton Wallets

I rather have a doctor operate on me at their best and if they need to take something to do that then they should be allowed. Provigil is listed as a treatment for shift work sleep disorder i.e.DOCTORS. As a former user (Legal prescription) it's amazing how it allows you to keep your wits about you after staying awake for 24+ hours.

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