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I never even knew the name of this Doctor Ashenden: all we ever hear about is some obscure reference to test samples. More to read up on.

Dr Troy Delbridge

Dr Mike Ashenden is a long-time and very well respected member of the anti-doping research establishment - one of the real fighters who has been right on the front line for years. He has been intimately involved in developing the methods that are currently in use to catch the thieves who are robbing the sport of cycling.
You will be surprised at which tests he has been involved in the development of – the 1st EPO test & heterologous blood doping. These are some of the key tests currently catching doping cheats. We will also very soon see a test for ‘autologous’ blood doping being used, and this is the real scourge of endurance sports for some time now. Note that the TdF organisers will be using this test to go back over race samples from 2008 – expect to see a lot more riders go down when these results are released! Along with the new 4 year UCI ban shortly to come in it’s a well overdue change for the better. Personally I believe if you’re caught, you should be thrown out for life.
As an aside, it is odd that other sports are not taking up the challenge and confronting their problems. I’d like to see the scandals erupting in tennis and football should their organisers start testing - cycling is way small change by comparison. Certain member s of the IOC have lately suggested that cycling be doped from the Olympics, when cycling is the only sport really attempting to clean up its act, AND showing other sports the way forward. Clearly the OIC is riddled with corruption and completely unethical, only a complete idiot could make such a suggestion given the history and successes seen in the anti-doping fight that has been underway for so long in cycling.
For a bit more on Mike Ashenden and his research go to -


Ashenden's testimony as an expert witness covered in the book "From Lance to Landis" is volatile. Even if one doesn't care to know much about what others have said, I think it merits reading what Ashenden's analysis is.

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