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Mister Clemens

Ah... hubris!

Ecurie Ecosse

You are a bunch of journalistic frauds !
anyone can create waves by making ridiculous claims with no proof to back them up !

in fact I think that I will use this forum to air my view that your mother and father were too closley related ! - now it's out there ! - it's in black and white now ! - no smoke without fire ! - Man can you believe it ? who would have thought ! , but wait a minute I don't even know you , I certainly have never met your mum and dad , but I'm basing my conclusion on the fact that you cannot believe that someone can atchieve their goals through dedication and training - it p*sses you off ! now in my book the only people who get p*ssed off by other peoples deserved success are inbred morons !!! - must be true ! but then who cares if it is or not cause now it's out there and I've said it , well - no smoke without fire and all that !!!

bunch of ignorant twats !!

- read what this guy has written - try to understand the depth of his dedication to his sport - then look at the guys who he was racing against, their lack of dedication - then draw your conclusions.

I have never at any time in my life taken any form of recreational drugs - however one of my close friends is a pot head - I take advice from him of a technical nature - does it follow that too am a pot head ? NO -

If you cannot be bothered to fully research something don't write about it !!!!

Steroid Nation

Is there a shred of logic to the above comment?

Jimmy Choo Shoes

You've got your point via a great deal far better than I at any time could, thank you!

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