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jared foster

its me.. im out on the computer watching my life be pissed away bc of one kid framing my life, i was offered 15 years in jail if found guilty, or i could plea to DELIVERING (not selling) ONE BOTTLE>> 10 ml size.. tiny bottle.. and serve FOUR MONTHS IN RID CAMP, i have a great family and great g/f and future.. you tell me what you would have done.. im innocent of selling steroids and its not fair.. i lost my dream to play ball, my reputation.. my whole life i worked for those.. that is fair punishment.. it was his.. he left it in my truck on purpose.. he had been in trouble with over ten charges with police.. he asked me to bring it to him.. i did.. and 5 months later i was arresteD!! and i have to read stuff like this every day of my life.. hope you all have a great life and kids dont do what i did.. im 20 years old.. had everything a boy could ask for,, and by choosing one bad friend', i pissed it all away.. you can have a 50 gallon bucket of the best home made ice cream, put one scoop of chicken crap in the bucket,, and the WHOLE BUCKET IS RUINED>> thanks

Steroid Nation

The point here was that a 20 year-old received 5 years suspended sentence for relatively small sales. The perpetrator of a large conspiracy (BALCO) received less of a sentence. We would agree with anyone who thinks that isn't justice.


An truly dispiriting case. How many people are currently connected to illegal steroid use, from doctors to owners to players to high school kids wanting to bulk up to GNC, and they are profiting handsomely, and the judge in this case uses the taxpayers' money to pretend that this is somehow a criminal matter that needs the state's utmost attention. What of the manufacturers? What of the community that encourages teen boys to bulk up? What of the judges that pretend that they are somehow righteous, but are instead stained with hypocrisy? 15 years if found guilty - another piece of drug war insanity?


This is absolutely a sure sign of injustice. If the biggest distributor got only 4 months, how did someone who just DELIVERED a bottle get a five year suspended sentence? This shows that are court system is in no way balanced and is corrupt!

Angela Cossar

INJUSTICE AT ITS BEST! I know this young man personally and I also know the "confidential informant". The criminal here is clearly not Jared Foster. The criminal here is the "confidential informant" and Judge Samac Richardson. The "time" that this young man has served pails in comparison to the public embarrassment and the fact that all of the potential that he has would be wasted EXCEPT for the fact that he will not give up. He will fight to restore his reputation and will eventually play professional football. A lesson was learned here and that lesson is to choose your friends wisely.

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