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A pedantic quibble. Your headline states "Majority of sports fans do not think of doping taint in track and swimming records." Yet - as you acknowledge but then later forget - the survey is of a subset of sports fans, that is, American sports fans. Exactly how representative of all sports fans is that subset? Certainly if you asked the same questions in Europe, I suspect you'd find a much more sceptical subset of sports fans.

Steroid Nation

Ahah, good point.


Hey, thanx for changing that. That's cool of you. Delete these if you want. You have a great site, I've had you bookmarked for a long time now. Not all your audience is US. And you give good world coverage.


As a US sports fan (though disinterested in the the money behemoth's medal totals), I am extremely gratified to see the work of this blog - truly outstanding. Your editorial comments on the Gallup poll were a little on the tepid side, however - "it is encouraging that the public endorses confidence in athletes." Say what? It's good to be willfully stupid? When you ask a public that barely reads, that has very little incentive to peer behind the curtain of its controlled dramas, you'll get galling displays of "naivete" - but I'll take the 22%. "Steroid Nation" should be proud of is role in establishing and confirming that number of informed folks.

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