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The Name

I posted this last night on an old Dara Torres thread, but let me go ahead and re-post it here.

In addition to Dara Torres [who, at 41, is just way, way, way off the end of the bell curve here - Rowdy Gaines said that she posted the second fastest split in the finals of the Women's 4x100m freestyle relay tonight - only the girl who swam the anchor leg for the gold-medal-winning Netherlands team was faster, and, as Gaines pointed out, Torres was gaining on her at the end of the race], another one you need to keep an eye on is Stephanie Rice, out of Australia.

About 14 months ago [March/April 2007], at the age of 18 [just before her 19th birthday], she set her personal best in the 400m Individual Medley, at 4:41.12.

Now fast forward to August of 2008, and she just shattered Katie Hoff's world record, in a time of 4:29.45.

For her to lose 12 seconds at the age of 14 or 15 would be eyebrow-raising; at the ripe old age of 20 [when most girls' careers are winding down], it just about defies the laws of nature.

[If any of you are not familiar with the sport, the 400m IM is far, far, far and away the most grueling event in all of swimming - not even the 1500m freestyle or the 200m butterfly can compare to the brutality of the 400m IM.]

PS: As for the hotness factor, I can't decide whether Dara Torres, at 41, is uber-hot, or simply nauseating, but Stephanie Rice is hot almost beyond description, which is gonna make the juice accusation a little tough to stick.

But trust the mathematics on this one: 20-year-old chicks just do NOT cut 12 seconds off their 400m IM times in one year - it's more or less mathematically impossible.

And concentrate on the musculature in Rice's thigh region - it doesn't look natural to me:,22056,5030568-5012667-2,00.html

Also her neck:,22056,5030568-5012667-6,00.html

Finally, Rice is getting that same gaunt, skeletal, lockjaw look in her face that Torres has acquired [just like Arnold, in Terminator 3, when he was on 'roids] - she seems to have lost all of her "feminine" body fat:,23607,5030596-5007150-14,00.html,22056,5030568-5012667-7,00.html

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